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Jun 8, 2009 02:37 PM

Sunday night meal in Barcelona

Hope you can help here guys. I've used the 'search this board' but couldn't really find a good answer to this question I have.

Me and OH fly into Barcelona for about 3pm and will hit our hotel at 4pm. I understand that most tapas bar/cafes will be closed so I've covered this by eating at the hotel at a push if we cannot find anywhere open around Las Ramblas.

I am more concerned that I won't find anywhere to eat on Sunday night. Most of the places I wanted to go for our 1st meal seem to be closed for Sunday night meals?

I think, but I am not sure currently that Senyor Parellada might be open but it just says daily on some websites, closed Sunday and open Monday to Sunday on others?!?

If any can suggest a place to eat that they know is good and open on a Sunday night that would be a helping hand. Got most of my other places sorted for Monday/Tuesday night time meals.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Senyor Parellada is indeed open on Sundays, in fact it is open every day, It is also where we ate on the Sunday we were in Barcelona, in light of the fact that there were very few choices. We were quite satisfied with the food, and it is a good value. Just be sure to reserve ahead as it is mobbed (we forgot to do this), but if you are too late to get a res, just show up 5 or 10 minutes before 8:30, when the doors open, and they will seat you.

    1. You need not to fall back on your hotel restaurant. In the center of the city, PacoMeralgo is my pick for Sunday nights. Cerveseria Catalana and Tapac24 are also good. Around the Rambla: the various branches of Teller de Tapas, El Taxidermista in the Placa Real is decent and moderately price plus good outside seating (none the other places in the Placa are any good). For high end: Moo. Avoid most of the places on the Rambla, c/Ferran or the first couple blocks of the Pg de Gracia. You will find posts on the above on this board