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Farmers' Markets, CSAs, etc week of 6/8/09

Things change so quickly this time of year. Here's a new topic for Farmers' Markets, CSAs, Farm Stands, and other forms of fresh and local food for this week.

My tidbit- The Roslindale Market will open this Saturday.


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  1. Delicious organic produce from Small Ax Farm, new this year to the Natick Farmer's Market. The greens are flavorful and picked each Saturday morning before Melissa brings them to the farm. They stay beautifully if you can't eat them right away.

    1. Mission Hill Farmer's Market was supposed to start today, running 11am to 6pm on Thursdays, but I was just there and there's nothing going on. Maybe next week...

      Speaking of next week, Brookline is scheduled to start on the 18th.

      1. Arlington opened this past Wed... the egg lady and the fish vendor were sold out by 3:30 when I got there, as was a decent sectionof the meat vendor's stock.. heavy first day..

        1. The Belmont Farmer's Market opens for the season in five minutes. See you there! (I have a volunteer shift from 2-4... )

          1. Medford Square market opened last week and opens again today. 12-7 I think.

            1. A recent email to Rubysdad from www.farmschool.org said that they had a small number of available shares. Go fast if interested.

              1. I posted on this briefly in another thread, but the Dewey Square farmer's market has been running for a couple weeks now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (FYI Dewey Square is the large slab'o'concrete kitty corner from South Station, also opposite the Federal Reserve building.) The first week there were very few vendors, but yesterday there were quite a few more. Nice additions were a bakery stand by Canto 6 (of JP), which was also selling some items from Clear Flour bakery, and a produce stand by Red Fire Farm, or Granby, selling a great selection of organic items, including garlic scapes, kale, collards, turnips, strawberries, etc. They (Red Fire Farm) also do a CSA, but the drop-offs are elsewhere. However, both Canto 6 and Red Fire will ONLY be doing Thursdays at Dewey, not Tuesdays. Linabella farms was selling their pesto in tubs, as well as a tortellini salad lunch item. Lots of places selling breads and baked goods, including Hi-Rise bakery, When Pigs Fly, and the aforementioned Canto 6. Also, if I recall correctly, there were stands from Kimball Farms and a couple other places offering produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries. Also some places selling potted plants, flowers, and herbs, and a few places (among the aforementioned) were also offering farm fresh eggs, preserves, etc.

                Another nice touch is that they are placing small tables and chairs among the stands. Running time is 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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                  I love the idea of the tables! I wish they could do that at Copley and somehow reserve them for farmers' market customers. I sometimes take my market treasures over to the courtyard at the library to enjoy them.

                  I'll have to stop by this market soon. Which day is your favorite- Tuesday or Thursday?


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                    So far, I prefer Thursday, because that's when Red Fire Farm is there. To date they've had the best selection of vegetables, and they're the only organic stand I know of there, although Kimball Farms offers "low-spray" or "no-spray" items that are not certified organic but probably just as safe.

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                    Isn't Effie's oatcakes selling there, too?

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                      Yes, and they were giving out free samples. These don't thrill me so much, so I guess that's why I didn't mention them specifically.

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                        Now I have to go! I adore Effie's!

                        I discovered them when I was putting together snacks for an Irish Whiskey tasting this year. They were a big hit with us and our guests.

                        I think of them as a cross between a cookie and a cracker.

                        Here's the full review with photos.


                    2. The Waltham Farmer's Market will start on Saturday, June 13. Every Sat 9:30-2:30. Tomorrow's will coincide with the first annual Waltham Riverfest (June 12-13). I hope there will be more stalls this year.

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                        You can see a list of the vendors for most of the markets from this page:


                        Click on "Markets" and then find yours. Once you have your market, you'll see buttons on the right to go to a list of vendors or products at that market.



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                          Based on my memory of 2008 season, I believe there are fewer stalls (selling fresh produce) at the Waltham market this year. Quite disappointing when we went yesterday.

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                            I went to the Waltham market yesterday and thought it was glorious! Re the "fewer stalls" -- remember - it's June in New England and we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature and our whimsical climate. Hanson's and a few other vendors who typically have loads of produce were smart this year, I think, to focus on seedlings, plants and flowers for now, as the variety of fresh produce is fairly scant this early in the season. I picked up wonderful strawberries, bok choy, spinach and swiss chard, along with a whole-wheat loaf from a new-to-me vendor and several flats of pepper and bean seedlings for my home garden. Stick with it, y2000k, I'm sure as the season progresses you won't be disappointed.

                      2. West Newbury CSA @ Long HIll officially started distribution yesterday. Biggest heads of lettuce I think I've ever seen, gorgeous daikon & regular radishes, huge bok choy, mesclun mix, cilantro, beautiful baby spinach, other things I may be forgetting. Was a mob scene in the afternoon as I'm sure everyone was so eager for the season to start.

                        1. Heirloom Harvest CSA: We got 5 heads lettuce (buttercrunch/romaine/green leaf), arugula, swiss chard, bok choy, garlic scapes, beets, radishes............WOW!!!!!! The bok choy was amazing braised with the garlic scapes.........

                          1. Union Square market was really hopping today. Lots of greens: red leaf, French salad bowl, arugula, spinach, bok choy and napa cabbage [that I can remember.] Lovely strawberries, Spring garlic, baby carrots, good selection of both potted and cut herbs.

                            Of course B&R breads was back. I picked up a caraway rye loaf that is excellent. There is a new mozzarella cheese vendor, but the small farm from Bolton was missing.

                            1. Waltham Farms CSA -

                              Pint of sugar snap peas, 2 heads of lettuce (huge heads), bunch of rainbow swiss chard, kale, radishes, scapes, tatsoi, pound of spinach, collards, Napa cabbage.