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Jun 8, 2009 01:56 PM

Birthday Dinner for 6 on Tight Budget

My family is coming to town next week and I have decided to cook dinner for my dad's birthday which was last week. I am on a tight budget (no more than $50 for 6 people) but would like to make something a little more upscale than tacos or spaghetti. My dad loves all kinds of seafood and I was planning to start with some mussels. I don't have any ideas about the main course but know that we will be going to dinner in the North End one night and Chinatown one night. For desert he loves anything "key lime" including the traditional pie or cheesecake. I would love your recommendations for a family friendly but still seemingly "fancy" dinner. Thanks in advance!

Edit: It might be helpful to know that we are in Boston!

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  1. Could mussels be the main course? Add frites (oven-baked or fried), bread, and salad. His beloved cheesecake is pretty filling, would this be enough food for your crowd?

    eta, I should have checked the price of mussels before replying. Could be out of the question.

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      This sounds like a good idea, one of my sisters doesnt like mussels but I suppose I can just grill some chicken to throw on her salad. Thanks!

    2. Paella is festive and economical for a large group...and you can incorporate plenty of seafood!

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        I have been wanting to make paella but have never tried it, does it take a while to get right or do you think I would be safe making it for the first time for this occasion?

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          I wouldn't make paella for the first time for a crowd. It can be a little hard to master, plus, saffron's not really cheap and you need a lot of ingredients for it. I would go with the mussels for dinner. You could do it make 2 or 3 sets of mussels with different flavors - white wine, garlic and parsley; chorizo, sauteed onions and peppers; and basil, chopped tomato and cream. That with salad and crisp homemade frites sounds great to me. I would suggest key lime mousse or parfait so you don't have to make a whole big pie.

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            Paella is a great affordable meal. You can prep 75% ahead of time and do the finish in the stove.
            If you have Trader Joes near you you can get the frozen seafood mix, it has everything. You can get small thighs at your grocery store. Don't skimp on the spanish chorizo, it really brings a great flavor along with the sofrito.

            On Food there are plenty of recipes, pick the easiest one. If you do not have a paella pan, you can use a pizza pan.

        2. This two layer key lime pie, originally from Bon Appetit, would be great since your father likes pie and cheesecake:

          You could do a linguine with clam sauce, along these lines. To save money, go with half fresh clams and some good cans/bottles of clam.

          Add a side of asparagus, some good crusty bread and you're all done.

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            That 2 layer key lime thing looks very simple and I'm saving it for when our key limes are ready (we planted the tree 4 years ago and I think it's finally got fruit on it!)- so thank you chowser-roo.

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              Do you think that I could make the pie a day or 2 ahead of time? I don't really want to be spending time baking when the family is in town.

              1. re: thegirlwholovestoeat

                For all the times I've made it, I've honestly never had it last overnight because it goes so quickly. I think it would be even better left overnight so flavors have a chance to meld and the lime taste could come out but I'm not sure about two days. Make sure it's completely cooled before refrigerating.

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                  Awesome! I'll make it the night before and let you know how it turns out.

            2. You can do a tri-tip roast either on the grill or in the oven. It is often overlooked, but I believe it is one of the best roasts to serve. There is minimal fat and it has max flavor. Give it a good dry rub with garlic, then grill on indirect heat or put it in the oven. Cook to an internal temp of 130, and you will have a nice rare.

              1. I love mussels with pasta! how about Paella ( already suggested). you cant go wrong with a perfectly roasted chicken, with some nice veggies.