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Jun 8, 2009 01:51 PM

7 Nights @ Cabo.......

I will spend 7 nights at One and Only Palmilla. I have been there 4 times. I don't want to have dinner at Las Ventanas or Esperanza. I did that. I would like to go back to Edith's again. I liked that. I would like to dine at Agua at O&O one or two nights, then Market at O&O one night.

What 4 fine restuarants do you recommend the other four nights. I was thinking about Morgan's, Edith's, La Fonda and Pitahayas. Thanks for your kind help.

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  1. Give your wallet a break for a night and eat REAL LOCAL CHOW at Las Guacamayas in San Jose.

    Take a ride up the coast to Todos Santos for dinner at Los Adobes de Todos Santos. Great food in a beautiful garden.

    Sushi at Nick San.

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      I don't think she "gets" Mexican food. Or wants it. But, thanks for trying!

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        We're visiting next week . I'd be interested in your recommendations on the Cabo side and thoughts on how easy it is to travel between the 2 since we're carless. I was also considering the bus up to Todo Santos and was wondering if it was worth a day trip otherwise (maybe Los Adobes serves lunch!)

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          The local bus between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas is quite the experience! Once you've gotten that out of your system, cabs aren't hugely expensive, or you might reconsider getting a rental, at least for a couple of days. (We have found it much cheaper to rent at the Los Cabos International Airport than in town or at your hotel. If there's more than two of you, a weekly rental might not cost much more than your airport transfers.)

          Los Adobes DOES serve lunch and the town of Todos Santos IS worth a day trip. There are also a couple of nice beaches favored by locals along the Pacific Coast between there and Los Cabos, if you have a car.

      2. If you are able and willing to go to San Jose I recommend Casa Natalia.It is a charming boutique hotel with a good restaurant.The website is

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          Los Adobes is really very mediocre although the setting is pretty. I have not eaten there for at least three years - nor has anyone I know - (I have lived in Todos Santos for eight years.) When Los Adobes first opened - maybe five years ago - it was quite nice but it was sold several years ago to new owners who cater to day trippers who come and leave. Tour buses pull up in front. Santa Fe is of course considered the best and it is open for lunch - closed Tuesday. Bring money if you are going to eat there. El Zaguan on the main street is a tiny seafood place that has consistently good food. All the taco stands are good - if you are a meat eater the one right across from the book store is very popular. Barajas has fish and camarones and pork. The really interesting places are only open for dinner and several will close the end of this month.

        2. You should definitely check out Peacock, Mi Casa, Tropicana, and Mango Deck. Those are some really nice restaurants with live entertainment. They are also listed in