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Jun 8, 2009 01:47 PM

Need some Help in Mid TN

I will be driving my Mom down TN Hwy 111 (to avoid the traffic jam on I-24 that Bonaroo will cause) next Sunday as part of a Kentucky to Atlanta drive. My Mom has fastidious tastes (though she does like extremely good BBQ), and most down home places just won't do. So what is there to eat in Coookeville south to Soddy Daisy that she might like?

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  1. I used to drive that route frequently. Sparta had a good home cooking place, but not what you are looking for. Cookeville is probably your best bet. Bobby Q's is a long-time area favorite. I remember enjoying their fried catfish. There have been a couple of Cookeville threads over the last few years which mentioned some options downtown which might work for you.

    Driving on a Sunday is going to limit your options...

    Can you explain "fastidious tastes"?