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Jun 8, 2009 01:42 PM

French Broad Taqueria -Marshall NC

As if it wasn't sad enough that FBT closed due to the economy....we drove through Marshall the other day and stopped looking for a cold drink. Although we knew that FBT was no more we weren't prepared to see it had reopened as Alligator Cafe...they removed the walll inside and have installed a bar and a pool table and now it is nothing more than a smokey dive bar with an odd assortment of patio furniture on the covered outside made me want to cry....I miss the Trout Tacos!

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  1. Definitely not a cafe, the REAL name is Aligator's (sic) Saloon. I think they only serve beer and chips.

    1. Those trout taco's were amazing. The sad thing is this new place will probably thrive...

      I keep hoping to read of a new venture from the FBT people!

      1. Hello this is Ali, my husband Gator and I are the owners of AliGators Saloon. We just recently moved to Marshall N.C. and would like to thank everyone with the warm welcome and hospitality that we have received since we have arrived. Yes before we opened the building that we are leasing, it was previously called French Broad Taqueria. Unfortunatly we were not here for the trout taco's but have heard soooo much about them. We have people come in all the time asking about the FBT and tell us how delicious the food was. I hope that I can bring some good news to you, as my husband and I were driving to the new Wal-Mart in Weaverville I saw a "MEALS ON WHEELS" kind of truck and the name on the side of it was French Broad Taqueria. I hope that I have been of some sort of help to all the FBT lovers! However, yes all we serve in AliGators Saloon is a frosty cold beer in your typical "bar food." If you are hungry and would like a wonderful meal we have menu's on hand for Bacchus Bistro and Zuma's Cafe.

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          Thanks for the information, Ali. Next time I'm in Marshall, I'll stop in and have a frosty cold on with you.

          And now.... the hunt for the FBT truck!

          1. re: Leepa

            Any luck finding the French Broad Taqueria truck?