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Jun 8, 2009 01:35 PM

Buddy's Pizza - Detroit?

What kind of place is Buddy's Pizza? I've got family coming up from the Chicago area in July to see a ballgame at Comerica Park. Pizza's always an easy dinner for us and I keep hearing Buddy's is THE place for Detroit pizza. My brother has a 1 year old that will be with us...would it be an appropriate place for a mid afternoon dinner (4 o'clock or so).

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  1. Buddy's is very much a family-type atmosphere. At least, the ones I've been to are.
    I do prefer Pizzapapalis, though.

    3420 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48207

    1. Its the best pizza in Michigan. Some people may disagree, but I think it rivals anything in Chicago (i.e. Gino's etc...)....The original location is in a slightly sketchy neighborhood but the ambiance can't be beat. Try the one on Northwestern Highway.

      1. For great pizza a 2-min. drive from the ballpark, try Supino's in Eastern Market.

        It's NY-style pizza, though, not Detroit-style.

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        1. The Buddy's pizza restaurants I've been in have all been family-friendly, kid-appropriate environments. I don't find their pizza impressive, and I doubt it would impress people from Chicago. It's not inedible, I just think there's better pizza out there. I'm not sure what else is close to Comerica, though, and I'm not familiar with their location there. When I go there, I always order something that's not pizza. I think a lot of the other things on their menu are great. Their salads, soups and sandwiches are good, and all of their soups and dressings are house made.

          1. I like Buddy's, and yes, it's family-appropriate, but Loui's in Hazel Park beats Buddy's by a mile, and it, too, is family-appropriate.

            The trade-off, though, is that there's only one location for Loui's, and Buddy's has several locations. Still totally worth it to go to Loui's, though.