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Jun 8, 2009 01:31 PM

Four Moons Restaurant in Orangeburg, SC

So, what is the lowdown on this place? I have heard good things about it, but I haven't actually had a conversation with an actual foodie who has been there.

Is it worth a 45 minute drive? Is there *really* good food in, uh, Orangeburg?

Or, should I just keep trucking down I-26 and go into Charleston?

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  1. I googled the Chef CHARLES ZERAN and he has gotten some good press. I used to come from Holly Hill every weekend as a teen. I would have never bet a place that looks this good would be in O'burg. I may make a trip from Greenville just to try it out.

    1. I haven't been. I asked about it a while back (see and didn't get a whole lot of information. A local blogger, "Columbia Foodie," raved about it recently (see but I haven't read enough of this person's stuff to know whether I should trust her (or him). Having checked out the menu a few times, it is certainly on my "to try" list. I believe they have a limo service that will take you there and back. If I ever get there, I will report back here. Hope you'll do the same.

      1. It's good stuff. The menu is eclectic and imaginative and the service is fantastic. I promise you that while you are there you will completely forget that you are in Orangeburg. I would put it side by side with Charleston's top 5 or 10 any day. It is definitely worth the trip.

        Unfortunately, I went a while ago and cannot remember exactly what I had so I cannot give a detailed report so I hope you will give us a fuller report.