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Jun 8, 2009 12:40 PM

Butte, Montana?

Hi. Soon I'm going to Butte and Missoula, Montana. I'm only going to be there three days on business. Does anybody have any recommendations for exciting and unique places to eat? (I favor American cuisine but will just about anything a shot, especially if it's difficult to find elsewhere--and cheap!) Also, I may be working some long days, which means I'll be looking for places that are open late also.


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  1. hi -
    probably the most respected and loved (and nationally reviewed) place in Butte would be The Uptown Cafe. there's a website (mind you, MT isn't about flashy sites. and don't be put off by the menu if it reads a bit old-fashioned. it's real continental/italian food, and gets raves). let us know what you think if you should choose there. if you've seen Moonstruck (and who hasn't?), imagine the kind of food that the house made for Olympia Dukakis' character, when she was out on her own. maybe a saltimbocca, a piccata, a chop..... the way that they should be.

    in Missoula, Scotty's Table is yummy. that's my pick. but it's a college town and there's a lot of mediocre places. it's @

    have a good trip!

    1. If you want great food I can't help you. If you want to eat at two memorable places that you will remember long after, then I've got what you need. First, the grill inside the "M&M". A local icon in uptown Butte. Standard greasy, filling and cheap diner-type food.

      Secondly, "The Pekin". A turn of the century Chinese food restaurant also located uptown. Its a two-story walk up rickety old stairs to arrive at this distinctly back- in-time eatery. If you can only do one of them make sure its "The Pekin". Ask any local for directions. After your meal duck inside the tiny bar for a drink. Or have one next door at "The Silver Dollar Saloon".