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Jun 8, 2009 12:23 PM

July in Brewster, Mass

We will be visiting a camp in Brewster where our daughter will be working and need some resto recommendations. any where in the area will do, we will be staying in Olreans. Seafood, crab houses and steak places please.

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  1. Have you done a search? Crab isn't really New England's thing. Ok, I haven't been in years and years, but Pate's in Chatham used to be thee steak house. I like Vining's Bistro in downtown Chatham, and Joe's at The Barley Neck Inn in Orleans (on the road to Nauset) has good steaks too. Seafood is everywhere from shacks to fancy.

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      Everyone will no doubt recommend Brewster Fish House. Mom was a HUGE fan but had a lousy lunch recently. That is unusual. I like the Beacon Room on Skaket Road Orleans or nearby across the street down a bit, Abba. Forget Jailhouse, please.

    2. We've always loved the food at Land Ho in Orleans. My mouth waters when I think of their steamers.

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        Fer, I have not eaten at "the Ho" but when I worked in Orleans it was the local watering hole. Might be a fun place for Barbarella to go for just that ...

      2. In Orleans, try Mahoney's Atlantic Bar & Grill on Main Street
        Joe's at the Barley Neck Inn, Sir Cricket's Fish & Chips for excellent and reasonable fried seafood, and Abba for truly fine dining, with an Israeli-Thai twist.
        Go to Arnold's in Eastham for a true clam shack experience.
        Brewster Fish House in Brewster for the best, most consistent fish on the Cape; it is very small, so go early or expect a long wait.
        Cape Cod is not steak house country, however, though it is possible to find good steaks, but seafood is the local advantage. Some meat-eating friends in Dennis are very fond of the Red Pheasant Inn.

        Others like L'Alouette Bistro in Harwich
        Good seafood is widely available at many price points and locations, though.

        The Yardarm is a favorite Orleans standby with the locals

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            The wonderful folks who run Brewster by the Sea, our favorite inn on the planet, have spent the past year or so revisiting every restaurant they recommend to their guests. They concluded that Brewster Fish House is their overall favorite. We had dinner there last month and were not disappointed.

          2. Brewster Fish House finally has a website:
            It really is an amazing restaurant.