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Jun 8, 2009 12:16 PM

Joe Pizza-Canton-Is it me?

With-in the last month, we have dined out here twice. Been going here since it opened. Until now we really enjoyed there burgers. The last two times, the burgers have had no flavor at all. The toppings are always the same but the burger is just so bland. Also, the roll has changed, it is now so dense and has no flavor at all.

Getting ready for our summer move to cape cod. Hoping when we reture in Sept. all will be right at Joe Pizza.

PS: The burgers we had in Farmington last month were better than Canton. Maybe its the location.

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  1. I actually had a substandard one from the Farmington location about a week ago. The toppings were fine, and there was plenty of bacon, but the patty itself didn't have the usual crunchy salty crust. The bun seemed normal to me.

    1. Just to reassure you there has been no change to the buns at Joe Pizza or Joey Garlic's we still use the same buns since opening. There was an issue with the buns coming from our distributor and the issue has been addressed. As far as the flavor of the burger we have done nothing different we still use the same cut of meat the same meat grinder the only thing that I could say is that the cook did not season your burger. We take pride in our burgers and like to say that we have the Best Burgers around. This should not have happened.

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        Burgers? Why bother with burgers? We ate there last night after chasing our 4 1/2 year old around the bounce house in Canton. I sent a text to a friend who lives in the area (we are from Enfield) and asked for his recommdation for a pizza joint near by. He gave a enthusiastic "thumbs up" to Joe Pizza. We were not dissapointed. The eggplant fries (which he recommended) were wonderful. The pizza was great and our server was the best! Burger? I won't bother with a burger when the pizza is this good! I just wish we lived a tad closer. I can't take too many trips to the bounce house!