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Jun 8, 2009 12:00 PM

KC Dinner and Breakfast Suggestions (kid friendly)

Coming in from NYC this weekend. I've been to KC a few times so we've done places like 1924 Main, Bluestem, JP Wine Bar and loved them but we need some more kid friendly places as we'll have our six and a half year old son with us this time. He's a good eater so we don't have to be too picky, just want to make sure wherever we go is good for families. We're having Italian with my husband's family on Sat night, and we get plenty of Asian food here, so those are out but everything else is fair game. We're staying at Hotel Phillips but have a car.

We get in on Friday night and will be ready to head out for dinner around 7:30ish. I was thinking of Blanc Burger & Bottles since we missed it on the last trip - menu looks fun and would be a good casual option. I was also thinking Jack Stack's which I've been to before and liked. I know there's other BBQ but Jack Stack's has a comfortable atmosphere. I like the look of Pizza Bella but the little guy actually doesn't like pizza all that much. My husband also told me about Stroud's. Any other places you'd suggest?

The other meal we're doing on our own is breakfast on Saturday. Been to Succotash so I thought we'd go there, but are there any diners that are worth going to in either the Plaza area or near our hotel? We've also eaten at Bluebird before and my first visit there was very good but my second visit was just so-so. We'd be happy going to a place similar to Bluebird as well.

Thanks in advance for your recs!

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  1. Have you considered Winsteads? They are a chain of diners that we have scattered throughout the area and there is one right off the Plaza. Get a double steakburger with a 50/50 and a shake.

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      I can't second Winsteads, myself. I've never had a meal there that I liked, and I think it's far too expensive for what you get.

      It isn't fancy, but the hamburgers at the Westport Flea Market are much better than Blanc's. In fact, they're probably the best in town (I'd say in a tie with Room 39's -- and they both use the same McGonigle's beef, I believe). It is a bit of a dive, but you see families there all the time. And now that there's no more smoking (yippee), my last reservation about the place is gone.

      I'm not much of a fan of any of the diner options near you, though Mama's on 39th has a ton of fans. It's very busy in the morning. They have a huge, huge number of omelets with a vast variety of ingredients on the menu -- but hilariously don't allow any substitutions.

      Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe in the West Bottoms has a lot of fans, but again -- I don't get it.

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        Sat. breakfast - I head down to the city market and try Cascone's Grill for breakfast. 20 East 5th street. Great breakfast, and a nice part of the whole early morning city market gestalt.

    2. I'd say Blanc is a good option but at 7:30/fri night might be really busy and a 6 year old won't be happy. Westport Flea Market is really a great suggestion (dmd_kc) - I have 3 children and we've been there many times. Much more comfy for the kidfolk and you get a killer burger albeit nothing "fancy" - you can order beer/drinks/wine a HUGE advantage over Windsteads for dinner. Winsteads is a fave of my kids but we only dine there for lunch. Oklahoma Joe's offers a comfy atmoshphere but small - also good for takeout to a local park. Loose Park is beautiful - i can give you more info if you like. I've been to PIzza Bella and have taken one of my children - wood fired pizza but not so kid-friendly. Succotash I've also been to - could take or leave. Seemed really dirty the last time I was there. Let's see....I could come up with something better I know but I'll have to think on it. Bluebird maybe but we were just there last week and it wasn't as good as the past few times. I'll do some thinking. Oh and Strouds...they moved locations and it's not the same in terms of atmosphere....what's your thought on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc? It used to have an unbeatable vibe but not so much anymore but the food is still what it is. Cascones mentioned by someone is right next to Succotash - fyi.

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        Appreciate all the recs. We're actually doing Cascone's for dinner on Saturday night, so I'll leave it for just that meal. And I'm super happy to have fried chicken, so we might be able to get to Stroud's on Fri night unless we decide on burgers.

        As for Blanc, if the burgers are less than stellar, I'm happy to forgo it for Westport Flea Market. I'm not as worried about it being busy - we take the little guy out here all the time and he's definitely used to restaurants being busy or crowded. I just wanted to make sure that 1) the burgers were worth it and 2) it wouldn't be completely out of the realm of reasonable to bring a 6 year old there at 7:30.

        I've been to Bluebird as well and found it great the first time and not so great the second time, so I'm happy to pass on it. I also found First Watch (I think that's what it's called?) but their Sat brunch doesn't start until 10:30.

        What's Loose Park? I'm intrigued...

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          The burgers at Blanc are beyond stellar, probably the best I've ever had. The Flea Market also has excellent burgers, but it's very no frills. I really enjoy both places, but it's all about what you feel like eating and what type of atmosphere you want to enjoy at the moment. Blanc is trendy and gourmet, Flea Market is a dive that makes good greasy burgers. At Blanc you have many options (Angus, Kobe, salmon, pork, lentil) with high quality toppings and homemade condiments and sauces. At the Flea Market you top your burger at a 2 foot condiment bar with white onions, pale tomatoes, shredded lettuce from a bag, Hunts ketchup, and yellow mustard. Blanc has artisan rolls while the Flea Market has your standard hamburger bun. The sides at Blanc are all housemade with giant beer battered o-rings, hand cut truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and calimari fries. The Flea Market has your standard fried cheeseballs, mushrooms, fries, onion rings from a bag. Blanc has a huge beer list of beer by the bottle and lots of specialty sodas. Flea Market has probably a dozen or two beers on tap, several of which are pretty darn good craft beers.

          Both are great but are very different--so it just comes down to what you want. When I feel like a good greasy burger and cheeseballs I go to the Flea Market. When I want a nice dinner I go to Blanc.

          Hope that helps.

          ETA: 1) Yes, it's worth it, 2) The environment would be fine for a 6 year old, but the space is very small and there isn't really a good place to wait. It gets very crowded and you have to shuffle a lot if you try to move. However, since it's summer, you could easily put your name in and stand outside. They seem to be pretty good about yelling outside--especially if you let them know you are going to be waiting there.

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            Strouds on Friday night is likely to have a long wait for a table.

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              I have seen kids at Blanc but as another poster commented it's limited in terms of places to wait - tight space, etc. Flea Market is much more relaxed. But it all depends on what you want.

              Skip First Watch - pretty standard breakfast fare. We recently had brunch at Grand Street Cafe just east of the Plaza and it was wonderful. You order off of a menu (as you're accustomed to in NY, i'd imagine) and then there's a little spread to fill your plate up with of shrimp, hummus, fruit, pastries, roasted tomatoes and other veggies - all good. There's a nice outdoor area to sit, also. For an earlier breakfast - Classic Cup on the Plaza is really good and has outdoor seating, too.

              Loose Park is just a really nice green space south of the Plaza - lots of area to picnic at tables on the north east end and then lots of grass and rolling hills to spread out a blanket for a picnic. Walking trail, playground, spray park, rose garden and duck pond. One of my favoreite places in KC. Having lived in NYC, it's my Central Park here.

              If you need any other recommendations, let me know.

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                Oh Grand Street Cafe - I came across that earlier today, it does look much better. I liked your comment about ordering off a menu, that made me laugh.

                Well it sounds like for Friday night we've got a few options and I think what it comes down to is how well our flight works out. Westport Flea Market sounds like a good all around option and would totally meet our needs without having a long wait or any other hassles. Blanc has always intrigued me because I'm a big fan of high end burger places so I'm curious to try it - and now that I remember from my last trip of walking by the place, it's actually quite similar to the size/layout of the places we eat at here so we're used to the cramped quarters and waits. That's what Nintendo DS is for, right?! Stroud's would be great too if we're up for the wait.

                Will report back after the trip. I love visiting KC - I only regret we won't make it to Bluestem to get their shrimp and grits!

          2. Well I am back from the weekend and wish I could report a better eating experience but our trip started off on a bad note - thanks to Delta's crack customer service - so we basically were there for 24 hours instead of the Fri-Sun night we originally planned. We ate at a Panera for lunch on Sat when we thought that we only had 20 minutes to get food before meeting up with family, only to find that we could have had a more leisurely lunch when plans were shifted around and then later had dinner at Cascone's which was meh (it was a nostalgic decision to go there, and I think the good memories are now replaced with bad ones as the service was awful).

            Though I don't want to set foot in a plane anytime soon after the weekend we had, I'm eager to get back to re-do KC!

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              darn, that stinks! hope you get back soon and can enjoy yourself next time!

            2. I suggest Eggcetra for Breakfast. It is just south of the plaza and has some great dishes. Also for something really fun for your son, you could take him to Fritz's in Crown Center ...I believe that is where it is. But you place your order on a telephone and then it is dropped by a train at your table. I am not sure about the quality but I hear it is super fun for the kids.

              There is Kalidescope in Crown Center too as well as shows and stuff if you go on to their website. They also have the Crayola Cafe.

              Also out in the Legends is the TREX restaurant. It is part of the Rainforest Cafe Chain. Food is good from what I hear, not stellar. But fun atmosphere as long as he does not get scared easily. Otherwise I can not think of anything geared toward kids. Hope it helps a little.

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                T-rex was built by the same company that owns the Rain Forest Restaurants, but is separate. It is much cooler. The primary reason for going is the atmosphere, but given that, the food isn't bad.

                Adults have been there with enjoyed it. The kids I took thought I was wonderful.