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Jun 8, 2009 11:50 AM

Orlando Business Dinner

Looking for a location (or two) for business dinners or cocktail parties (around 30 guests) in Orlando in October. High end, great wine list, not too touristy locale would be best... in/around Convention Center area is easiest, but can provide transportation for something up to 30 minutes away.

Never been to Florida, so all suggestions are welcomed.



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  1. I would say Del Frisco's Steakhouse. You can get a private room an the food is top notch. It is about a twenty minutie drive from the convention center. Evrything by the convention center is "touristy"

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      Del Frisco's fits most of your needs but it's way more than 20 minutes from the convention center. Consider instead one of the places on Sand Lake Road, our Restaurant Row. It's 10 minutes from the CC but not ultra touristy because it draws locals also. Choices: Vine's Grille & Wine Bar, Antonio's Sand Lake, MoonFish, Roy's Orlando. All are experienced with high-end convention groups.

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          Nope. Del Frisco's is all the way up in the northern reaches of Winter Park, almost in Maitland. Primo and Norman's, both great recs, are 10 minutes away, as is Sand Lake Road.

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            Do you know if Seasons 52 has private rooms at the Sand Lake location. I love that restaurant and it would be a good choice. Excellent wine list, good food. I don't really consider it much of a chain, yet.

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              The Sand Lake Seasons 52 only has one private room, and it's rather small. I don't remember the exact amount of seats, but I'm pretty sure it's 10 or 12. It has a great view of the exhibition kitchen, though.

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              the drive after 630 is twenty minuites. you can believe it or not. I make it every day. just stay in the right lane if you try it ;)

      1. I love Vito's Chop House. I've done a group meal there and the food and staff were superb.

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          I had one of the best steaks of my life at Vito's Chophouse. Just my $0.02. Vines Grille is also excellent and built to handle groups.

        2. Jennifer, I am not in Orlando so I can't opine on what's the best spot but I had a group business dinner recently at Ocean Prime. Very nice place with good food and good service. They have private rooms as well. I would go back for a business dinner.

          1. Primo at the JW Marriott would be a great choice. They have a Private Dining Room, nice wine list, and excellent food. I was up there last night and the bartender was hit with a order for 25 buttery nipples for the Frito Lay group in the PDR.

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              wow. totally different crowd than mine, but very funny!

              I'll check it out.

            2. Primo at the JW Marriott would be an excellent choice. Great wines, less predictable menu for your guests (people can go to a high end steak house anywhere). Also on the same property is Norman's at the Ritz Carlton.

              I prefer Primo for their organic slant and her wine selections seem more careful to me. Norman's has the wow factor with the room in the center. I am not sure how many that seats but that would be a great spot.