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Jun 8, 2009 11:44 AM


What is your favorite dish or recipe which makes use of tofu.?

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  1. Well, that's a hard one...
    I've tried it in a japanese seafood soup and I didn't think it was somethink I loved. I've seen my roomate making a sauce, like a vegetable dip but I don't find it appeling...

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    1. re: Tacopedia

      There are so many different types of tofu, it's a tough question to answer. I generally prefer tofu that has been deep or pan fried for the textural contrast as opposed to soft or firm tofu. I think all tofu benefits from a sauce consisting of any of the following:

      Soy sauce
      Green Onions
      Hot Chili Oil

      Two of the dishes I like to get in Chinatown....

      Ma Po Tofu rice plates
      Soft Tofu with Shrimp deep fried with Sliced Conch

      1. re: fourunder

        A short while back I saw an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the best dumplings. If memory serves me, the featured opposing chef was a female from Red Hook (Brooklyn) and her dumplings were made with silken tofu mixed in with her meat mixture. She claimed that what set her dumplings apart from others. Naturally, everyone on the show agreed. It piqued my curiosity enough to remember it and I will try it some day......hopefully in the near future.

        1. re: fourunder

          ooh! i have done this before...soft tofu mixed with ground beef, spinach and green onions in dumplings! the tofu makes for added softness to the dumpling filling. yum!

    2. Tofitas.

      Like fajitas - using extra firm instead of meat. That's my favorite "tofu is the star" dish.

      1. Mapo tofu with pork. You can cook it from scratch or you can buy a package mix. Brown the meat, mix with the sauce and tofu and you are done. Top with green onions.

        Dice cold tofu, top with ground fresh ginger, bonito shavings, green onions and soy sauce.

        1. I like tofu with Asian flavors but lately have been making tofu with a pumpkin seed crust. I cut extra firm tofu into thick slices, dry, dip in egg and then coat in a mixture of finely chopped seeds, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. I cook it in a little oil to get the exterior crunchy - the oil doesn't cover the entire piece, more like it comes about halfway up the side. It's not the healthiest rendition of tofu but it's delicious.

          I wish I could say this recipe is totally original but I got the idea from a restaurant in upstate NY (Sweet Sue's).

          1. agedashi tofu, but I don't make it I just go to Japanese restaurants