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Jun 8, 2009 11:41 AM

Italian in San Francisco for 8 +1 toddler

It's kind of a worst case scenario: a large group and a kid.

My relatives (all adults) are visiting San Francisco in August and have requested an Italian dinner on Sunday. Haven't been out to dinner all that much since having the kid. Was wondering what would be good for 8 adults plus a toddler. And it would be great to stay within the immediate San Francisco area. Last time I went to an Italian place it was Delfina, 3+ years ago? Like I said, it's been a while. The food was great and I remember having a very good time, but I don't recall any kids there. Maybe that's changed but your input would be helpful.

My uncle is from Sicily originally so he'll be picky. My son loves any kind of pasta, so he won't be. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Berretta has space for large groups in their downstairs area.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. Okay for kids too? I'll check it out.

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        Yes. Pizza and small plates. They take reservations for parties of 6 or more. Note, it's a bit loud when it fills up. It's sylish but quite informal.

    2. I used to really like Bacco in Noe Valley. I don't know the current status. Heard there was a death in the family or something...

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        Yes the owner died in a diving accident while vacationing. But the staff is still there and functioning.

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          Bacco was the first restaurant that came to mind for me - I had dinner there with a group of 8 adults and one rambunctious infant, and they were fantastic. Sad to hear about the tragedy, hope they've been able to maintain the same level of service and food.

        2. I've seen groups this large and more than a few kids at La Ciccia. We were there just a few weeks ago with our 6 month old niece, and she was practially doted on. And the food is utterly authentic Sardinian, so I really think even your uncle will be pleased.

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              Thanks. I'm going to send the links to the website and all of your recommendations to my cousins and uncle and let them decide. Depending on how long they stay, we might get to try all of them!

            2. It's Northern Italian but I think Stella Alpina Osteria in Burlingame would work:

              I also think Farina would work if the toddler is not a screamer...I've been there and seen kids many times:

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                Thanks. I'll definitely check those out as well. I'm so glad I posted this question on this board. Even though my visitor's and I will probably only get to try 1 or 2 at least now I have a list of new places for my immediate family to try.

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                  we went to Trattoria Contidina in North Beach with a large group plus a 1.5 year old and it was perfect and delicious!

              2. After much checking on this board and other sources, yesterday I was looking for a place to go to that would be sort of on the way to SFO from East Bay, and decided on Bacco. We had a great dinner! Although this was our first visit, apparently the recent death of the owner has not diminished the food. All the desserts were particular standouts, but my son had the seafood Fregola that was fantastico! Also, don't miss the stuffed calamari appetizer...

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                  Ristorante Bacco
                  737 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA 94114