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Jun 8, 2009 11:35 AM

Babbo - Need Menu Recommendations (TMW Night)

Going tomorrow night for my girlfriend's birthday and would like to get some suggestion on what to order - is the pasta tasting worth doing or should we go ala carte? First time to Babbo and looking forward to a great meal - any and all insight much appreciated.

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      1. i was just there last week and went with a perfect combo of lamb's tongue vinaigrette, pigs foot milanese followed by themint love letters and goose liver ravioli, followed by the sweetbreads with a side dish of sweet peas and greens. we studied chowhound in advance and selected these known highlights very carefully. and everything really lived up to the hype, but the goose liver ravioli went above and beyond living up to its hype... it is the one thing i could not possibly imagine not having the next time i go back. it is decadent and perfect in every sense of the word.