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Jun 8, 2009 11:18 AM

Ocean or bayview dining Pt Pleasant

Birthday lunch. Looking for quality seafood w/ a water view.

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  1. Hard to beat the Shrimp Box. My family has been going there for decades. Windows overlook the busy inlet. Haven't been there this year yet, but had a great meal there last year. Get the crusted shrimp with the lobster supreme sauce.

    1. Ooops. Looks like the crusted shrimp isn't available for lunch. I'd still go there. I've had the crabcakes in the past and they are quite good.

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      1. re: Anne

        We might actually try and do late lunch or early bird dinner, not's my mother's birthday and on a Sat. Thanks for the tip, she's a big fan of crabcakes and a view of the inlet. Last yr we went to Wharfside and she liked the food and the view but I was not impressed w/ our meal.

        1. re: gbean

          Had the same experience at Wharfside with my parents last year. Food and service were awful!
          Given the choice, I'd go with early dinner at the Shrimp Box. I think you'll enjoy it. Salad bar is always nice and fresh, and I've NEVER had a bad server there!

          1. re: Anne

            Salad bar?? That will be a hit w/ everyone. Don't see too many of those around anymore. I'll see if I can talk them out of Wharfside.

        2. re: Anne

          I am afraid that I must take the "con" position on the Shrimp Box. Part of the problem is that it kinda depresses me to see all the septagenarians waiting outside for an Early Bird table. It reminds me of that old joke: "FLORIDA - God's Waiting Room"

          The other part of the problem is that the food is pretty mediocre - think diner cooks oversaucing OK seafood. It's not for me.

          The difficulty in responding to the OP is the fact that the other waterfront places are also flawed. The recently renovated Clark's Landing looks pretty and I am tempted to try it, but that may have to wait until the fall. Other than that, I can say that I would be fine if I never eat at any of the following again: Wharfside, Lobster Shanty, Marina Grill, River House, Sand Bar, or Union Landing (I will, however, drink at the last three.)

          If it were me, I'd grab some beers and sit on the deck at Red's Lobster Pot eating fried fish and watching the fleet come in!

          1. re: MGZ

            I could go for Red's and fried fish too but not sure that will go over w/ companions. Any suggestions for any other areas?

            1. re: gbean

              Steamed mussels???

              gbean, you pose the ultimate question when it comes to dining at the Shore – "Where can I get great food with a great view? I mean, certainly there must be places?"

              There are a few oceanfront places that serve a higher quality of food than the places mentioned herein – the Atlantic Bar & Grill in Seaside, Langosta Lounge and Stella Marina in Asbury come to mind. Unfortunately, the prices are higher, too.

              That having been noted, I have enjoyed meals at Harpoon Willie’s on the Brielle side of the River. Beware, there are some around here who have had unkind things to say about the place.

              The last idea, as mentioned above, is the renovated Clark’s Landing. It sure looks pretty. I admit, however, I have not eaten there in years.

            2. re: MGZ


              Would you be any less depressed at the sight of the those septuagenarians if the Shrimp Box's food was superb? And, btw, what are *you* doing there at that
              hour? lol

              1. re: RGR

                If the food was superb I'd get out the sansabelts and join them!

          2. Dined at the Shrimp Box for the first time ever early last summer.
            It was good, but one dimensional. It has been around for about 50 years, and do know plenty of people that really enjoy their dinner and evening down the Jersey Shore.

            1. Regarding the Shrimp Box, I wouldn't go for the food. In fact I wouldn't go for the view, either.

              Point Pleasant has about zero good seafood restaurants with water views. I would say the dock at Red's and Spike's are the only exceptions.