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Jun 8, 2009 10:50 AM

Current recommendations around Dubrovnik

I'll be in Dubrovnik in a couple of weeks (also a day in Korcula and Boka Kotarska, Montenegro) and am looking for current recs for great restaurants. All the threads I've seen are a couple of years old (or more) so I'm hoping for suggestions from people in the area in the last year.

Looking for not-to-be-missed spots (from casual to fine dining to markets). Even names of places to avoid would be useful. Ideal = fresh, delicous, "authentic," eg not the tourist spots, unless those happen to be divine! I love seafood so I know I'm in for treat, am also into spirits and looking forward to the Maraskino!

Many thanks!

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  1. I'm also heading out to Dubronvnik. Anyone have any suggestions? Please, help...

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      Gil's is the best place but is closed (except for large groups) at the moment. Try Orhan, Sesame, Dundo Maroje and Rosarij.

    2. This is too late for you but may help in the future.

      Had one of the best meals ever at Bota, in the town of Ston (Mali Ston)

      The setting is breathtaking, at the base of ancient stone walls and set over a bay which is the center of Croatia's oyster region. Had a few local fresh oysters, followed by the best fish stew (not sure of the local name) filled with monkfish and prawns. The presentation was as amazing as the setting. For a nice touch, they serve a delicious fish pate as amuse bouche.

      Worth the 45 min drive from Dubrovnik.