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Jun 8, 2009 10:48 AM

Soho/Tribeca anything great?

Have clients in town staying at the SoHo Grand. As a lifelong NYer and current Union Sq resident, was excited to check out a new place in SoHo or TriBeCa since I just don't really get down there for dinner. After some research am surprisingly having a tough time deciding on a place.

I'm looking for something relatively high end, but relaxed (so no Bouley or Chanterelle type resto). Would also love something that has a bit of life, which is what worries me about many of the places in Soho/Tribeca. For example, Matsugen sounds interesting but I have a vision of sitting in a relatively empty room with the sushi chefs looking bored.

Have already been and don't love: Balthazar, Lure, Hundred Acres, Zoe, City Hall and such.

I've seen some of the renewed interest in The Harrison because of their new chef, so may go with that but wish I could check out a new place. Also Blue Ribbon Brasserie seems like fun. Any other places I'm just not thinking of?

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  1. Blue Ribbon is probably a good bet. have you considered Nobu in Tribeca as well?

    1. I second Nobu. Also ate at Mr. Chow down there and there are mixed reviews on it, but still a classic. Macao Trading is not so high end, but has a lively atmosphere and good food. It is accross from Tribeca Grand Hotel so you can go there after. Also what about Kittachai in the Thompson Hotel.

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        Mr Chow is a "classic"??...Classic Vile Scam, are not "mixed" are overwhelmingly, vehemently negative...

        i do like Macau though, but more for fun drinks/vibe than for food...

      2. The Harrison has been receiving some good reports. We were underwhelmed the last time we went . To be fair the new chef was just starting then. It's not high end/upscale like Bouley or Chanterelle. Here is a fairly recent thread:

        We like Duane Park (American). It's not a destination, upscale place. Local, relaxed. It's not lively or happening. My SO hosted a business dinner there recently and it was well received.

        Corton? Not laid back but upscale and new. Locanda Verde? Scalini Fedeli (in old Bouley space)? I have only been to Corton and it may be too close to a Bouley or Chanterelle.

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        1. I posted about Locanda Verde on another thread. You may find it if you do a search. The food was superb, service excellent, and prices lower than you would expect. It's a bit noisy and crowded, but we could hear ourselves talk.

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          1. Have you been to Landmarc? Solid and delicious, never had a bad meal there, and usually lively but not noisy on my visits.

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              sebastianxx would you describe Landmarc as great? Is it a family place (is atmosphere Ghee Whiz-ish?)? What do you like there? I have not been, usually go to Duane Park. I'll also do a search of this Board.