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Jun 8, 2009 10:44 AM

Heading to Chatham...dinner suggestions

coming to Cape Cod, Chattham in August with my husband and 2 children... a 6 yr old and 1 1/2 yr old. Both are very good in restaurants, we take them out often. Looking for any suggestions.

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  1. A very kid friendly spot with ok food is the Squire. Go across to the candy store after for fudge/dessert.

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    1. Here are our favorite casual spots in Chatham:
      - I agree with the recommendation for the Squire - both the bar side and the nice side are fine for kids
      -Sweet Tomatoes pizza on Crowell Rd.
      - Kream n Kone for fried seafood
      - Campari's for italian and pizza
      - Lazy Lobster is good for breakfast and lunch
      - the Corner Store for lunch - great burritos
      - Flying Ace at the Chatham airport for breakfast to watch the planes (but I know the airport is closing at some point towards the end of the summer to have the runway repaved)

      1. If you want really good food in Chatham, try Vining's Bistro on Main St. Around the corner is the Impudent Oyster.

        1. Impudent Oyster & The Squire ,,, Any one been to the old Roobar yet?

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            Chef24...what is Roo Bar now? I actually liked it a lot when it was Roo Bar.

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              I drove by a few weeks ago and it wasn't open yet - no sign.