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Jun 8, 2009 10:08 AM

Montreal vacation plans - please help w/ itinerary

My bf and I are visiting Montreal next Mon - Thurs from Toronto, and I'm finalizing our food itinerary (and working out sight seeing/touristy stuff around the food options haha). We're staying at the Omni Mont-Royal hotel at 1050 Sherbrooke West near McGill. We will have a car, but parking is exorbitant and not in/out, so i'd rather just park the car and walk or take the public transit. We're thinking of getting the $17 - 3 day tourist transit pass

Criticisms and critiques would be great! We're both in our mid-late 20s, love trying dif. types of food, moderate budget. Within walking distance or easily accessible by public transit would be great. No Asian recommendations please because we get enough of it in Toronto.

Day 1 Monday. Stopping in Kingston at my fave Cambodian place for lunch. Arrive, relax. Go to Schwartz for late afternoon sandwich. Walk around or relax. 10pm dinner @ Lemeac (I made a reservation already)

Day 2 Tuesday. Old Montreal / Notre Dame Basilica / Museum of Archaelolgy and History / Botannical Gardens. i need RECOMMENDATIONS for this day, please. I'm looking at maybe le Paryse burgers for lunch? or maybe a good Brunch place if you can recommend one. Dinner I'm unsure about. I thought maybe Bofinger because we love bbq and ribs, but i've been reading mixed reviews about the place. I also considered le Bourlingueur because of a good review from Frommers and because of the cheap cheap prices, but I couldn't find much on Chowhound about it. Any suggestions would be great near Old Montreal or our hotel. Maybe not another French bistro but we love Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, etc.

Day 3 Wednesday. Shopping/Walk around St. Catherines and the downtown area. Europea lunch box and a picnic somewhere? Or a Brunch recommendation would be great. Dinner i'm hoping it's not too late to get a reservation for Au Pied de Cochon because it sounds fantastic. Any other recommendations if I'm out of luck? Something not too pricey but really tasty with big portions would be great.

Day 4 Thursday. La Banquise for poutines before we head back to Toronto. Will prob. stop at Fairmount or St. Viateur for bagels as well

I also have a list of places I'm hoping we walk by for a snack or late nite bite if we get hungry:
Olive & Gourmando, Boustan, Juliette et Chocolat, $1 pizza, Cocoa Local. I love bakeries and coffee shops so I'm going to look up some more of those as well.

Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. Pretty good itinerary, the only thing I would skip is Bofinger, Montreal BBQ is so sad. For a brunch recommendation try the Sparrow or Lemeac.

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    1. re: Evilbanana11

      thanks for the suggestions! the sparrow and lemeac look like great brunch places, but they're only for weekends. i think i should have written "breakfast" instead of brunch because we'll be there during the weekdays.

      1. re: tygrr_lily

        The Sparrow serves lunch during the week if that's an option.

        1. re: Campofiorin

          Sparrow only serves lunch Wed-Fri, not Monday or Tuesday. Similarly, Cocoa Locale is closed Monday and Tuesday. Fous Desserts is closed Sunday and Monday. It is a good idea to check the Monday and Tuesday places and make sure they are open.

    2. For Tuesday evening, there is an excellent Lebanese restaurant called Zewahdeh directly across the street from the Omni in the Best Western Hotel. I posted on a dinner that our dining group had there last Friday evening. My post is still on this current Montreal home page.

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      1. re: davyboy

        thanks for the suggestion! i read your review and the place looks delicious and affordable. also, can't beat going across the street for dinner! i'll definitely pass this option on to my bf.

      2. Lemeac's getting bad reports since the new chef came on board. Try p'tit plateau instead.

        For PdC, there really is no substitute.

        Coffee: Caffe in Gamba and Myriade.

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        1. re: phedre

          trying to find a menu for le p'tit plateau. seems like it's a very popular BYOW place. do they also have wines on the menu themselves, or do most just bring? bf is a beer person, and i like wine but usually order by the glass because i can't drink a bottle myself

          1. re: tygrr_lily

            In Quebec, restaurants are licensed either to sell alcoholic beverages or to serve beer and wine. Le P'tit Plateau's in the latter category, i.e. a BYO (and, like all other BYOs, only a BYO). The restaurant doesn't have a website, so there's no online menu that I'm aware of. The dishes tend to be inspired by the cooking of southwest France (think duck confit, cassoulet, etc.) but are seasonal (i.e. no cassoulet in July) and modern. The SAQ also sells half bottles, including the Catena Malbec and a decent Cahors, both of which are the kind of wine perfect for this cuisine.

            1. re: carswell

              Thanks for letting me know that! We have BYO in Toronto, but it's very different, and only some restaurants offer it. Would you happen to know the price range of le P'tit Plateau?

              I'm debating now whether to keep the Lemeac reservation, or try another based on the recent bad reviews because of the new chef. Right now, i have it narrowed down to keeping Lemeac, or switching to le P'tit Plateau, Ferreira cafe, La Coupole or Cafe du Nouveau Monde. the 3 last ones seem to have great after 10pm deals

              any opinions? Thanks!

              1. re: tygrr_lily

                The basic meal runs $25 to $30. That gets you soup or salad, a main course and coffee/tea. Appetizers are usually $6-$8, except for the foie gras au torchon, which is around $15 but large enough to split. Desserts are in the $6-$8 range.

                Le P'tit Plateau isn't a late night option. The last seating is at 8:30-8:45 and the place usually closes around 11. Haven't been to La Coupole but, if in search of a Montreal experience, would be wary based on others' reports and the general feel of the website and decor. On the other hand, you should add Milos to your after 10 p.m. list, though I'm really hoping the couple of iffy reports about Leméac do not a trend make.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. it's called a tourist card and is well worth the money- works on bus & metro. $17 for 3 days. it's available at peel metro, close to your hotel- peel X de maisonneuve.


            1. re: C70

              heh, sorry, you already knew most of that and edit isn't working well for a change

              1. re: C70

                Just keep in mind you can only get the Tourist Card (La Carte Touristique) at particular stations, which vary depending on the time of year:


            2. Call ahead for Olive & Gourmando and Cocoa Locale for their hours. If you can make it to Cocoa Locale for noon on Wednesday you'll be at the best time possible.

              I would add Fous Desserts (514-273-9335) and Kouign-Amann (514.845.8813) for your consideration.