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Jun 8, 2009 09:59 AM

General Greene - review

Haven't seen much on here about the General Greene, so thought I would write some notes from my visit last night (a Sunday). Arrived around 7:45 and there were plenty of tables free - even outside. The meal was lovely overall; waitress very friendly, helped us figure out the right amount of food. The plates are to share and come out as they are ready - pacing was good. We had:
-Dates, wrapped in translucent bacon and served on toothpicks in a puddle of maple syrup. Yum (hard to go wrong there).
-Mac and cheese; came piping hot, and plenty of breadcrumbs. More butter than cheese, was my only complaint. (Not that crispy macaronic dripping in butter is a bad thing - it was just a bit nondescript.)
-Butter lettuce salad with curried almonds and pink grapefruit - very fresh and beautiful, a good complement to the heavier stuff.
-French onion soup, without the usual thick layer of gruyere. Included mushrooms, which was new to me, and had a hint of what tasted like honey to it (?).
-Dirty rice with andouille sausage and chicken liver. This was my favorite thing we ate. A lot of flavors (including something kind of green and earthy - celery? collard greens?).

Total came to about $35 without tip (we didn't have any drinks or dessert - walked over to Blue Marble on Atlantic to complete the meal). A bit expensive - food is not life-altering, just high-quality - but I appreciated the atmosphere and the diverse choices. I'd definitely go back.

What have others thought? The reviews on Yelp are awful...

The General Greene
229 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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  1. I've been to General Greene several times and really enjoyed it. It's particularly good if you go with a big group and can sample a number of the small plates. The sheer variety of flavors and preparations is part of what always impresses me about the place. The menu also evolves seasonally and regularly, which makes a nice change from Brooklyn restaurants that stick with one menu year in and year out. I've found the staff increasingly friendly and approachable, too. The desserts and coffee are particularly good, so stick around next time - desserts are how the chef made his name!
    I agree that the tab often is surprisingly high, particularly since I tend to have a drink or two and eat with people who also drink. I'm finding that I need to cut back on the habit in order to economize a little more.

    Has anyone tried the breakfast there?