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Jun 8, 2009 09:54 AM

Napa/Sonoma High End Meal Suggestions

I will be traveling throughout San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma with 2 companions in July. We attempted to get a reservation at FL with no success (we only had one opportunity to get a reso on the last night they were open before their annual summer closure). I've done quite a bit of research and was looking into suggestions for a high end meal we could enjoy in lieu of FL. I've heard good things about Terra, Meadowood, Cyrus and Dry Creek Kitchen. What's important to us is a well thought out wine list with unusual selections, and non pretentious service. We all tend to favour French style cuisine and also appreciate nuanced balanced flavours. Any suggestions outside of the above mentioned appreciated as well!

We are also hitting up Bouchon, Zazu, Chez Panisse, Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, Gary Danko, La Folie, and Delfina.

I would love to go to Ubuntu but I'm finding it difficult to convince my companions to spend money in a vegetarian restaurant!

Thanks so much.


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  1. We were very happy with Willi's Wine Bar in Santa Rosa, where the small plates concept allow for as much or as little as you wish. Also, not all the wine is local, in case you get burned out on the local stuff. Great food, lots of nearby residents and not so many tourists.

    1. I went to Cyrus last year and loved it. We were a pretty large group (6) but the service was flawless and unpretentious the entire dinner. About half our group were trying the tasting menu concept for the first time and they were blown away. The wine pairings were interesting, but what Cyrus is equally or more famous for are their cocktails. Have one at the bar before dinner, or do cocktails in lieu of wine.

      Here are some photos from our trip:

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        Have to concur on the cocktails. I did cocktails in lieu of wine. They were amazing and unique. Also of note, was the caviar service at Cyrus. Pretty spectacular.

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          I think it speaks mountains that my parents, who've had the best of the best Asian food in the world but rarely French food, did not once utter the words ""Wow, for $100 at a Chinese restaurant we could have had..." They truly enjoyed the experience, the food, th wine, the cocktails, the dessert cart, the service, etc. My mom did say the restaurant seemed a little casual for such a fancy meal, but that's just Sonoma for ya. We all left extremely happy, and it even made them curious about FL, which had been nixed because of the price tag.

      2. Restaurant Terra is very nice. I love the atmosphere. Chef Hiro is generally there if not at his other Restaurant Ame at the ST. Regis in the city. Nice wine list as well. I think you will enjoy it. We dine there several times a year.

        There is another French Restaurant Angele on Main St at the Mill, it's a bit more relaxed, I don't know for sure how extensive the wine list is there.

        1. One thought, you should have no problems getting into Auberge' De Soleil they have a nice menu and wine list and the view is spectacular. It's off the Silverado Trail in Rutherford.

          1. For the best food, I vote Terra. Best view, Auberge. Best overall, Cyrus and yes in my opinion better the TFL. I think if you are looking for an interesting wine list with food that supports, Martini House. Happy Dining!

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              mmmm, I really love all those recommendations jaime:-)