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Jun 8, 2009 09:40 AM

(not sansom street) oyster house - open yet?

if so, has anyone been? i am seriously ready for a nom-fest....

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  1. If you mean "the Oyster House that is ON Sansom Street, but is no longer called The Sansom Street Oyster House" then yes, it is open. Nom away!

    1. Hellz yeah! The Oyster House is open. I can't wait to go back soon. It's not the old SSOH (thank the food gods!). The regular menu and raw bar are both awesome. And Katie Loeb (sp?) is the bartendrix - make sure you try some of the oyster sliders and the Oyster House punch. The Oysters rockefeller is really great. And the Fisherman's stew and the Lobster roll. Let's just say, I enjoyed everything we ordered.

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      1. re: TT2

        SWEEEEEET!!! thank you both, oh yay!!!! sounds awesome.....

      2. I have got to get over there soon. Are they open for lunch?

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        1. re: sockii

          They will open for lunch on monday

        2. They used to have a fantastic deal on lager and oysters, weekdays. Anything comparable now?

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          1. re: CPaul

            I think they did bring back the happy hour specials. I think my mom's going tonight. Lucky duck!

          2. today's Metro paper has 2 articles about this resto - one on page 4, an interview with the owner. the other is pg 13 just a bit by Arthur Etchells about its opening. says more can be found on