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Jun 8, 2009 08:47 AM

Innovo/ One- excellent evening!!

My husband and I ate at Innovo ( Formerly known as One) on Saturday night and had a wonderful and delicious dinner. I thought I'd share our experience:
We sat in a quiet corner and ordered a bottle of wine to start. The sommelier was helpful and patient as we tried to decide what were in the mood for. We had an enjoyable and moderately priced non-oaky Chardonnay. I thought that they had a wide selection on the wine list. The prices for bottles of whites for instance, varied from around $40 to $95.
We started out with a dozen oysters- 6 Blue Point and 6 Hama Hama based our waiter Abraham's suggestion. They were fantastic! The Blue Point were fresh and briny and the Hama Hama rich and creamy. With that we also enjoyed a salmon belly tartare. Tasty and lightly accented with dill. Yum! We also had the crab fritters which were terrific and we debated ordering more, but decided to leave room for our main courses.
I ordered the King Mackerel which was firm and tasty.I have never had it before, and it was wonderful. My husband ordered the grouper, but they ran out and he had the striped bass instead. What good luck for him! It was delicious. Soft and fresh! We switched to "taste" midway through and he never got it back from me!
We ended up ordering another bottle of wine during dinner. It was good at first taste, but I didn;t love it as the meal progressed. Not sure why. We ended up taking it home with us.
Dessert was a butterscotch custard and an apple crumble a la mode. Yum!

Friendly, well-informed, honest service and a nice atmosphere that was "cool scene" enough without trying too hard or being hideously loud!!

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      Irvington. I had been there in April, when it was One and had an awful experience

      1. re: apples

        Only been there about two months ago, just as they changed their name (went for Sunday lunch) but had a very fine meal for four people. Didn't take advantage of their wine list (did do cocktails, which were yummy). I'd go again, as I'd like to try the dinner entrees.

    2. I am generally a tough sell when it comes to "loving" a restaurant...but we had a terrific time. Maybe they've made some changes since you were there, apples?
      I am interested in trying Red Hat around the way. We were going to stop in for a drink after dinner, but I didn't have a jacket and it was getting chilly.

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      1. re: MRS

        Boy, that location has been so many restaurants. I remember when it was Bridge Street Cafe. Went there 3 times and it was great, good, bad.

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          Bridge Street cafe is a different restaurant. It is right next to Innovo/One and is owned by the same people. It is open for lunch only. Innovo is not a new restaurant, it is One, but with a different name. The story I heard was that there was a problem with another restaurant in the city that had the same name previously and was giving them legal trouble. Innovo has excellent food , btw.

        2. re: MRS

          MRS, mt girlfriend had lunch at Red Hat and loved it. She said it was pricey, but quite good. Although when she told me everything her and her friends had, I actually guess $20 more on the bill total. She said the views were amazing.

          I know someone who has a piece of Innovo and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been yet. What is the setting? Dress Code? I know it sounds childish, but unless I'm going into the city I hate getting dressed up for dinner. Is it a jacket and tie place, business casual or casual (jeans and polo) type place?

          1. re: jhopp217

            I felt it was quite relaxed. Definitely "business casual" would be right on for a Saturday evening. I didn't see anyone in jeans and a polo, but it wasn't taxing to get dressed...

        3. I am really bummed...I just read in Liz Johnson's food blog in the The Journal News that Innovo just closed!! I am really baffled as we were just there. Anyone have any more info about this?????

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          1. re: MRS

            River City Grille, same owners. They might have some info on the details...