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Jun 8, 2009 08:29 AM

Sad day. Pulled out a 4' tomato

I had to do it. It was producing and nothing was ripe yet. But it had either bacterial speck or bacterial spot and I didn't want to spend future years fighting that. I already lose most of my tomatoes by the end of July to fusilarium. I have 8 other plants growing in the same immediate vicinity. None of them show signs of it and they're more important to me. I had to do it to protect them.

Since none of them seem infected, I'm wondering if it was an infected seed. No matter. It was a Sungold cherry I wasn't all that interested in and now it's history. I'll plant something else when my arm is out of the sling. And I'll add a lot of compost to replace the dirt I threw away with the roots.

Meanwhile, I've got full sized tomatoes that will probably break in a week or so. First pale signs of not green headed to yellow on a Carmello. Yum! It's a delicious variety and I've got the salt out an waiting for it!

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  1. Indeed a sad day, but happily, you have that salt ready for one of its neighbors!

    1. Replaced it today with a Marianna's Peace. I've heard good things about that variety and I've never grown it before.

      I assume it will still have plenty of time to mature.