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Jun 8, 2009 08:12 AM

Can we talk about Nantasket / Hull?

With summer upon us, I'd like to hear from the hounds about places to eat near Nantasket Beach. I checked the archives, and folks seem to like Jake's, Bridgeman's, and the Red Parrot (?). Dalat (Vietnamese) looks interesting too.

We ended up at the Patio at the Ocean Club and it was fine. Clams had big bellies, fish sandwiches were fresh and nicely fried. Sysco fries, whatever. Wine was terrible. The location and outdoor seating was the draw, obviously. So, I'm looking for options and would like to hear recent reviews.

Also, any hot dogs / burger shacks of note?

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  1. I was just there yesterday and there is a new lobster roll "shack" near schooners.
    Its Linda Beans. We got a white and wheat. Each lobster roll comes with pickle and chips for $14.95. The soda is "Maine Root Brewers" for either 2.50 or 3.00 each. They have hot dog option for $3.00. Service was nice, lobster was sweet and NOT rubbery. mayo with herbs was on bottom of roll. Its a pricey option on the beach but honestly it was yummy and I enjoyed it!!!

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      We have always enjoyed Bridgeman's, it's very classy and the food is wonderful, it's my favorite of the immediate area fine dining options. We also enjoy the Red Parrot, it's sort of a funky place with a good vibe, love to eat on the deck on a warm summer evening. I haven't been to LaDalat recently, I heard they have new owners, it used to be simply fabulous. I have never had anything good to eat at the Ocean Club but the view is amazing. Schooners is a reliable family sort of place, you can't go wrong there. Farther down the strip is a new place called Cafe Ona,, I haven't been yet but the menus are very interesting and change each week and I look forward to trying it. Mezza Mare is also a good and reliable for Italian food, it's evolved a lot since it first opened, I admit to liking the original version better but it's still good. Haven't been to Jake's in years but wasn't impressed..

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        Cafe Ona looks interesting. Is it down by Riddle's Market?
        Also, where is the other shop they refre to?

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          People rave about Sapporito's, I've never been. I've never had a good meal at Bridgeman's. never. 3 times and all were terrible. Bad steak, bad risotto and bad scallops.

    2. I've always enjoyed Sapporito's. Its a bit off the main drag. It doesn't look like much from the outside but is charming and cozy on the inside.

      I like Toast for breakfast. they are located right across from the beach on the ground floor of an apartment/condo complex. The have a really tasty egg white omelette and great creme brulee french toast.

      121 Nantasket Ave # 5, Hull, MA

      Saporito's Florence Club Cafe
      11 Rockland Cir, Hull, MA 02045

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      1. re: mangorita

        Funny -- I noticed Toast as we drove by.

        Saporito's (and the rest) -- how comfortable are you dining in post-beach wear? I'm not talking IN your bathing suit, but in very casual still-sandy flip flop kind of attire?

        1. re: yumyum

          I don't think Saporito's would turn you away in post-beach attire but you might feel out of place, it's a "nice dinner out" kind of place. Ditto Bridgeman's. I think the food at both is very good but Bridgeman's is perenially controversial on this board as I recall. I am very fond of Jake's for fish and chips (I usually get onion rings instead of chips, they are better) but it is what it is, a beach shack kind of place. You can definitely go there in post-beach attire.

          1. re: GretchenS

            Jake's was the first restaurant I ever ate at in the Boston area. Despite its face-lift, happy to hear it's still a casual place where you can kick back and feel comfortable.

      2. Skip the Red Parrot, unfortunately, it's gone way down hill. You would probably enjoy Schooners. Friendly bar, good fried seafood and decent pizza. Haven't beent to Dalat in awhile, but I did enjoy their sushi when I was there.

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          Went to hull with some friends randomly a few weeks ago. Had never been. Were steered to Schooners by some locals. Split one of their fishermen's platter 4 ways- an arterially apocalyptic platter of fried seafood (fish, shrimp, clams) on top of a bed of fries, covered by a layer of onion rings. It was like an archaeological dig. It was decent. and a ton of food, but standard fry-o-lator stuff. Nothing special and no need to dress up, but if you're looking for an epic platter of fry you will find it here.

        2. I posted this on a different thread, but my favorite take-out place in Hull is Hull's Kitchen... right across from the beach... maybe a block down from the Red Parrott. I always get the fish tacos cause they are the best I've ever had around here so i can't speak for the rest of the menu but judging from the tacos it is probably great.

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          1. re: aejmusic1

            Thanks for posting this here. I'm looking forward to trying this place out. Maybe this weekend!

            1. re: aejmusic1

              I tried the fish tacos yesterday. Despite only having one corn tortilla, these were pretty darned good tacos. Freshly fried fish, typical cabbage slaw, some tomatillo-spiked guac and a squeeze of lime. I didn't notice any crema, but I didn't really search for it. Could have been there, my friend schlepped the whole order by foot because of the crazy traffic. The tacos would have been better if eaten immediately but they weren't bad 15 minutes later.

              My other pals enjoyed the fried fish sandwich, the scallop plate, and their crispy fries. This is a nice option to have when at the beach, thanks for the rec.

              1. re: aejmusic1

                We were in Hull yesterday, hanging out by the wind turbine and the high school. How is the snack shack out there (Permberton Bait and Tackle)? We had just eaten in Hingham so couldn't sample anything. Lots of folks showing up near sunset to chill and eat dinner by the water. Nice way to spend a Sunday summer evening.

                1. re: digga

                  Live in Hull, Down the gut havin "weinies N fries" outa there frequently. We only get dogs, burgers and fries outa there(only seafood we eat comes outa our own kitchen), but its good basic food. Like the burgers, like the dogs, fries always done right in clean grease. We go down there mid day, mid week, ALOT of the locals stop in for a dog or burger, As do ALOT of the workers and rangers from the Islands. Regularly see State and surrounding town Marine patrols in there getting a bite as well. If ya go, go inside, LOTS of old pics of area "back in the day", interesting nautical stuff. We like it, and I think a few others do to!!

                  ps- AVOID Linda Beans Maines Perfect on the strip