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Jun 8, 2009 08:02 AM

Can you freeze tzatziki sauce?

I made homemade tzatziki sauce for a shrimp dish last night & have about 1/2 cup left over. Can it be frozen? If not, how long wiil it keep in the refrigerator? I figure it should last in the fridge for about 1 week but not sure that I'll use it that soon.

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  1. You can freeze anything! But I don't think it would that great when thawed--I think it would either have a grainy texture or watery from separation. Since you have what I consider such a small amount, it will most definitely keep for a week probably a bit longer, but use it as veggie dip or on any other meals you'll have during the week ie. grilled meats, fish, potato salad, chip dip etc. etc.

    1. No way. Yogurt will separate on thawing, and cucumber will be horrible and watery. This is something that should be made and eaten - freezing will not work at all.

      1/2 cup isn't all that much. I would use it in a pita sandwich sometime this week. Actually, if you're making the sandwich ahead of time (to take to work) stuff everything else inside, then pack the tzatziki separately and add just before eating.

      1. Thanks. I'll figure out someway to use it up this week, rather than freezing.