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Jun 8, 2009 07:48 AM

Perlstein Resort Reviews?

Does anyone have any feedback about this family retreat weekends at this resort in the Wisconsin Dells?

How's the food, activities, etc.?


Rachel B.

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  1. Younger kids will love it, teens-not so much (unless their friends are there). Haven't been for years, but we went regularly when our kids were younger. Food is not stellar, but it's nice to have it prepared and there for you (and for what you're paying, it's not going to be 5-star cuisine).

    1. Well, in the public interest, here is my report: the food was awful, but we had a fabulous time.
      Most of it was industrial, powdered, or frozen. Or otherwise bad. Exceptions were the cholent, which was packed with meat and kishka, not dry or burnt, with good flavor and enough salt. They also served an excellent sweet cheesy noodle kugel Sat. night.
      But the place is gorgeous, rooms are very nice (love the water pressure!), many of our friends came, and our toddler had a blast, as did we. This particular weekend was not real "scheduled" with activities or babysitting, and we liked it that way.

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        What was the makeup of the people there? Mostly families? If a young couple without children would go, do you think they would enjoy it? I have eaten Perlstein's food on different occasions many many years ago, I liked it then. I wonder if the food has changed...

        1. re: Pluckyduk8

          It was vast majority families, but there were 2 or 3 couples w/o children. I think it would be so lovely and relaxing w/o children. The dining room scene is a little nuts w/ all the crying and running around.
          From what I'm hearing from friends, some weeks the food is better, depending on the "tier" paid for...and our weekend was very cheap.

          1. re: Pluckyduk8

            We've done weekends in the past as well as "Family Camp" and the food does vary by event and timing. Family Camp is a week long and they put a little more effort into a varied menu. You really do have to accept some compromise given the relatively low price. However, after a day of activity (or even heavy loafing) having a prepared meal waiting for you is nice, even if it's not up to your home-cooked standards. There's always a salad option and frankly, even though I think my food standards are higher than most, I happily compromised them for the time we were there and always found things to eat.

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              I agree with ferret - the vents I have attended at Perslstein have all been enjoyable and the food has always been good - and after a long day of activiteies there is something to be said to come back to a prepared meal -

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