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Jun 8, 2009 06:55 AM

Asian in Melbourne,Fl

We ,like many,are always seeking the hot new places.

Last week was the wife's birthday,and she sought out a local favorite,which we had not tried recently..

We were the only ones dining in house,on a typically slow Tuesday evening.

Several European ladies,with small children stopped for carryouts.

Thai is currently a local favorite,and she really wan't seeking sushi.

We are near Patrick Air Force Base,and have many airmen that brought spouses from Thailand/Vietnam and retired here.

The proprietor/chef is happy to make up your suggestions,or suggest her own.

It is next to a health food grocery and she teaches healthy cooking/dining.

I suppose it has about a dozen tables and could maybe seat 45-50 diners.

Seems like she has been here about two decades.

It is very fresh ingredients and no starches in sauces.

She suggested we split a pork and seafood salad,and some type of crispy noodles with seafood,moderately spicey.

She treated my wife to a decanter of chilled,light,plum wine.

The total check,with tax,was about $15.

We have no connection with the restaurant,and would not drive across the state with it my destination.

It is a very pleasant neighborhood restaurant,that I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends/cooks.

Asian Gourmet - Vietnamese & Thai. Pleasant staff uses a good selection of better quality vegetables than most restaurants. Next to Nature's Market on US1, one mile south of Eau Gallie, two miles north of 192. M-Th 11-2:30, 5-9, Fri 11-2:30, 5-10, Sa 5-10. 255-6471


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    1. re: RibDog

      She said something like,"as long as its not brisket".LOL


      1. re: TomFl

        I ate there for the first time because of your recommendation(I'm usually a thai thai 2 guy), and it is delicious...i highly recommend it to anyone and will be going back from now on for the "Pho"(pronounced "pha")

    2. i LOVE this place, i've been there a few times, including for my b-day too! and i always get a curry, which was phenomenal. the great thing is they have so many vegan options. there's another really good thai place a bit further south, off of hibiscus and airport in a little shopping plaza next to pizza hut, called sabor thai. they have delicious and cheaper food, espeically for lunch, they have great specials.

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      1. re: gypsykid

        The owner's name is Maria. She does fabulous soups. Try Natalie's soup. Light, clear broth w/cilantro,tofu,asian greens.delish. She teaches a class in Vietnamese cooking every other Sat.