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Jun 8, 2009 06:00 AM

polish/ukrainian sausage

Does anyone know of a place in Montreal where I can find authentic kovbasa/kielbasa? Preferably not purchased from a supplier? Any leads on this would be helpful.

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  1. Felix Mish in Verdun. They make their own sausages, and they are fabulous. I love their kiebasa, I can eat half a link in one go by myself raw if I let myself. It is also really delicious grilled on the BBQ. They make delicious debrizner (sorry about the spelling), very good liver sausage, and a very delicious head cheese. A couple of my Polish friends feel Felix Mish is one of the best in the city for sausage. The owner is a lovely friendly person who is very proud of the product he makes. They do supply a few places in the city, for example, I know I can get his kielbasa at Eurobatory.

    Uh oh. Now I want kielbasa

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      Ok, my half-Polish hubs is demanding to be taken there, thanks to you! LOL

    2. I have to second moh's suggestion. Felix Mish is terrific. I'm in New York, but often visit Montreal. I've been going there since Felix was still there. His son, Ron, took over many years ago, and kept his father's recipes. And his smoked meat is a special treat.

      1. Not wanting to sound like a snob, but I am polish and have eaten a lot of kielbasa in my time. Mish is hands down the best. It's authentic, it made in house, and always fresh.

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          You don't sound like a snob at all. You sound like someone who knows what she is talking about.

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            LOL- my post was much longer and sounded snooty to me. I trimmed it down to the bare essentials but forgot to take out the snob comment.

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              Mish is on Jolicoeur St. in Cote St. Paul (close to, but across the aqueduct from Verdun). 5-10 minute walk from Jolicoeur Metro.

        2. Just remember at the border they will ask about the meat you are bringing in, so be ready.
          And if you crave ponchki, Wawel has them but never on Monday!

          1. I like the keilbasa at CHARCUTERIE M.D in DDO:

            4890A boul des Sources
            Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC , H8Y3C7

            Pick up some sausage and get lunch at Bombay Choupati just down the streeet.