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Jun 8, 2009 05:45 AM

Now need romantic, outdoor dining spot in area of West 60's

Below or above 60th ok but must be on west side. Cafe Ronda does have outdoor dining but any other thoughts? Looking for romantic, moderate pricing (under $30pp ideally (entree - drinks not included in that). Any cuisine considered but we prefer Japanese, different types of middle eastern, or American bistro type.

Thank you.

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  1. The reason you've not gotten any responsse is that I don't think there is a restaurant in your specified geographical area that meets your stated requirements. Those that have outdoor seating, it's on the sidewalk, which is not romantic -- at least, not to me.

    1. Vince & Eddies @ 70 W 68th St (Btwn Columbus Ave & CPW) has a nice back garden. The food, except for the burgers and the liver, is fairly mediocre. Nonethless, the restaurant does get some decent reviews on I haven't been in ages. Perhaps someone who has will chime in?

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      1. re: JoanN

        Exactly what Joan said. All of it.

        A few others, in declining order for the quality of food:

        1. Bar Boulud, right across from Lincoln Center, is potentially romantic and has outdoor seating in nice weather. It might be more expensive than what you're looking for, but for the record, I've gotten away with spending only about $30 for food by ordering small plates of charcuterie.

        2. PJ Clarkes, across from Lincoln Center, has French windows that they open to the outside in nice weather, so sitting in the window is sort of like being outside. The place has a casual, old boy's club charm and could theoretically be romantic. Burgers are very good; I haven't tried anything else on the menu.

        3. And finally, Cafe Fiorello and Sushi-a-Go-Go, also across from Lincoln Center, both have mediocre food, but could, depending on circs, be romantic, especially late at night, when the crowds clear a bit. I've hard that Fiorello's thin crust pizza is good, though haven't tried it myself. They do have an excellent black and white mousse. Sushi-a-Go-Go has enjoyable cocktails.

        Vince & Eddies probably has the best outdoor seating in the garden.

        Terrazza Toscana recently opened on W. 50th and 9th. I have *not* been there myself, but have walked by and know they have sidewalk and rooftop seating. Prices are moderate.

        1. re: cimui

          cimui, all the places you named that are across from Lincoln Center, they have their outdoor seating on the sidewalk, right?

          IMO, it's kind of noisy and gross to sit so close to traffic and exhaust from buses!

          1. re: kathryn

            Bar Boulud, Fiorello's and Sushi-a-Go-Go only have sidewalk seating. They're actually much more pleasant than most sidewalk dining on the UWS and the Village because the sidewalk in this part is wide, seating is several rows deep and it's actually decently well set off from the traffic. Certainly not as nice as a garden in an enclosed courtyard, but by Manhattan standards, not too dreadful.

            Terrazza evidently has a rooftop.

            1. re: cimui

              I mentioned the issue of sidewalk seating in my post above, I'm with kathryn on this. Bar Boulud's sidewalk seating area is fairly large, so some of the tables are further back from the gutter. But even so, I find nothing romantic about dining at tables on the sidewalk.

              I've seen a photo of Terrazza Toscana rooftop area somewhere. (Maybe on Eater?) It's one story up, looked very nice, and could certainly be romantic. There is no photo of it yet on the restaurant's website, but there is a small inset photo of the side of the building, and you can see the rooftop area railing.


        1. re: notsochubbychubette

          Arte Pasta in west 70s has lovely garden.

          1. re: Will4Food

            Thank you all for all your thoughts. I agree sidewalk seating is not quite what we're after...I will take a look at all these suggestions - thanks very much!

            1. re: lovessushi

              I guess now that I'm thinking about it more, I'd really like something more than mediocre that fits what I'm looking is a very big birthday after all ;-) what about higher or lower...we enjoy walking so what about between 50th and 80th...on the West side...same sidewalk dining - something with a garden or other type of cutsey thing...but with good food...moderate pricing, almost any type of cuisine as I said...
              Thanks again!

              1. re: lovessushi

                Even with those expanded geographical parameters, I still think you're not going to find what you are looking for, i.e., a place with a garden *and* excellent cuisine.

                If you are willing to go a few blocks south of 50th, Barbetta, on 46th St., b/t 8th & 9th Avs. (aka "Restaurant Row") has a gorgeous garden. You can see photos of it on their website.


                With regard to the food, I can't give you an opinion because I've never eaten there. However, my brother and his wife celebrated an anniversary there a few years ago, and they said the food was pretty good. There is no menu on the website. (Ridiculous!) MenuPages does have their pre-theater prix fixe though it's hard to know if it's current.


                1. re: RGR

                  I didn't realize how difficult this might be...Barbetta looks very pretty...

                  RGR changing my request a about just good food in that general area in a romantic atmosphere (indoor!)?! Preferably not Italian now that he and I have talked about it a bit...

                  Thank you and everyone for all your input!