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Jun 8, 2009 03:28 AM

Ideas to store pans?

one of the reasons I bought the Anolon [professional] pans I did was because they stack so well - but they and my LC frying pan are not meant to be used with metal utensils, so I worry about damaging them.

We have a small kitchen, but does anyone have any ingenious ideas for storage? By the way, the frying pan is REALLY heavy, and aside from that I can't really think of anywhere I can hang them. And layering the pans with bubble-wrap is probably not that good an idea either.

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  1. Well, I hang them mostly, from screws firmly anchored into the drywall, but I've got some space where I can do that without blocking any cabinet doors. If you don't have that sort of space, and you've got cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, you could hang some items inside of the cabinet doors. I do that for things like strainers and my chinois, which is an awkwardly shaped thing that takes up a lot of cabinet space otherwise, but that I don't want to hang out in the kitchen where it could get clogged with grease.

    More expensive than a screw in the wall, but another possible solution is a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling. There are long ones that hang from chains for high ceilings and short ones that mount to the ceiling for low ceilings. These work best if you've got wooden joists in the ceiling to anchor them securely.

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    1. re: David A. Goldfarb

      That gives me an idea.... I have this kind of ... table I guess. It's got some herbs on the top, and the 4 biggest pans on the bottom. It might be practical to drive some screws into that, maybe each side, and hang them from there. I think I only have 4 pans, no 5 pans to go up there.

      It might be some kind of fibreboard or something (it's an Ikea thing), but if I could work it, I'd be happy with that.

      Thanks for the great suggestions David

    2. I did this in my first apt with no room for anything. It was not a high ceiling but enough room. I made a simple rack. I think mine was 2 side 4' long and then I just put some simple cross pieces every 4". 4 chains on the corners and hung from the ceiling. Not too far, just enough to hold my pans. Anchor accordingly with the right mollies or whatever you need for the appropriate weight. I used mollies but use what works best in your area. Every ceiling may require something a bit different for the weight.

      I made mine out of pine but stained it a dark walnut to match other decor but you could easily pain, varnish, anything. It was very inexpensive, It looked great easy and quick accessible.

      I also had a small corner area that was wasted space. I made a pretty fabric almost curtain like covering that looked really good and matched a pillow and stored many items in that. No one ever knew what was behind it. Put a cute decorative hook in the wall and attach a ribbon to the curtain to tie and it looks like it belongs.

      A large basket, usually about 10-20 bucks and many stores on top of the fridge hides anything. It looks nice and hides tons of stuff

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      1. re: kchurchill5

        Wow! You're very talented you know. My house is rented, so I don't really want to add permenant fixtures if I can help it (plus the ceiling in probably about 12-13' tall, and I'm unpracticed with powertools at ground-level!)

        I like the pillow idea though. That's something I could do (not for the pans obv). And the basket is a possibility when I get the fridge I'm after.

        1. re: Soop

          Actually my rack I took with me. I have it here at my apt 4 screws and in the ceiling. Right now I put a collection of baskets small boxes, collectibles and small baskets. Great way to store stuff. The basket or even a canvas basket storage unit is great for stuff like that. I use pillow cases in between pots and pans I don't want to scratch. Cheap 99 cents at outlets. Easy washed I use them for a lot of things

      2. I have the most miserable cupboard for storing my pots and pans, some of which also get stored in the oven. I usually just separate pans using paper towels,

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        1. re: MMRuth

          That's a better idea than bubble wrap in the short term. Cool, that's going in the "keep" section of my brain too.

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            We used to use paper towels, but I bought some felt dish cushioners from Crate and Barrel. They come in two different sizes in a pretty large pack and they work really well in betwen the fry pans, which are stacked.

        2. I stack pots and pans separated by thick wash cloths. Every now and then toss em in the washer and dryer.

          1. paper plates or coffee filters My frist choice with the 2 or 3 things I stack are the peal off,reuse plastic lids from coffee,nuts etc.