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Jun 7, 2009 10:14 PM

Good Eats along 1-20 from Dallas to Athens?

I am driving from Dallas, TX to Athens, GA along I-20 and will do it in two days. Never been through Louisiana and don't want to miss an opportunity to miss a good meal there.

1. Might not get as far as Shreveport in time for dinner, any suggestions along the way (between Dallas and Shreveport)?

2. Next day will be a straight shot from Shreveport to Athens, any suggestions on that leg of the trip?


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  1. For the Birmingham to Atlanta stretch

    1. Porter House Cafe in Oxford AL is a good buffet kind of place. You'll get plenty of food, done in the classic southern "meat and three" style. If you use google maps, you can scout out plenty of other similar places on your route. Get off at the big exit for Oxford AL, and turn left, then turn right at the road in front of the mall.

    2. Pop's Charburgers (just off I-20 at Rte 9 -- Heflin AL) does a good burger and killer milkshake. They really need the business, too.

    3. Wyatt's Diner is a somewhat undiscovered gem in Atlanta, probably because the buiding they are in is downright scary. (I would not do that neighborhood after dark). Great country cooking -- be prepared to eat it elsewhere, as the building it comes from is literally a shack. Exit 60 -- Moreland Ave, take second ramp, turn right on Memorial Dr by the oil change place. Wyatt's is on the left -- it IS literally a shack with smoke coming out of it.