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Jun 7, 2009 10:01 PM

Sushi Buffet Lunch (NoVa)?

Oh, dear ... I used to be able to get very nice sushi at Il Mee in Annandale for a reasonable price ($9.99, if I recall aright, if I didn't want the tabletop grill selections on the buffet). But that is no more, it's "all or nothing" and the price is too high for lunch.

The other Annandale sushi buffet is long gone as well, as is Appetizer Plus in Rosslyn (I believe there is a very similar incarnation of it in Ballston, but I can't get there easily)

That leaves me with Bamboo Buffet in Bailey's Crossroads (reasonable but modest selection, plus other not-too-bad Chinese selections at a good price for lunch).

Anybody know anywhere else I can go for an affordable lunchtime selection of buffet sushi nearby? See, I have no problem with average sushi (I draw the line at supermarket packaged sushi) but I can't afford a la carte sushi bars ... please help, I'm starving!

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  1. wayne, maybe you know of this place, todai, but already dismissed it because of the higher price. it *is* pricy but pretty good: $16.95 weekdays, and one can get a 10% senior discount (which i have no idea if you can use). you can really stuff yourself silly, and it is a lot more than straight sushi, though. nice cold japanese beer, too.

    as a sidenote, for those who need "accessible" places, this is very accessible, as it is located next to a large mall entrance, with handicapped parking close-by.

    todai in fair oaks mall.

    1. Songbird

      Song Bird
      8413 Old Courthouse Rd, A Vienna, VA

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        Song Bird is closed. There's a new restaurant in its place, not sure if it's open yet.

        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          New place is open, still doing Korean buffet with sushi for lunch. Less variety now. $12 for lunch (soda is $2.50).

      2. Tsunami (used to be Arigato) Sushi at Fair Lakes has a lunch buffet.

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          The buffet is also open on Saturday and is fresh and abundant.

        2. The AYCE sushi place in Ballston is Matsutake. No relationship (but a somewhat similar name) to the Matsuba restaurants (which Appetizer Plus was one of).

          Matsutake has a couple of locations - Ballston (which you know about), Crystal City, and Herndon. I think the lunch price for the buffet is $13.95, but I'm not sure.

          Matsuba in Bethesda has AYCE sushi (not a buffet; on a conveyor belt) at their Bethesda location.

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          1. re: Lori D

            i went to a matsutake in herndon and it was meh. if it's that price, the fair oaks todai place is a vastly better value. it is huge, with good quality food.

            1. re: alkapal

              I will second Todai. For mass-produced sushi, it's actually good. The selection is very large, with many more expensive types of fish (that is, not just the usual shrimp, salmon, etc.), and the sushi is replenished regularly. Plus there are plenty of non-sushi choices for non-sushi lovers (including a nice array of bite-size desserts for the kiddies and the young at heart).

              1. re: Bob W

                I agree with the Todai recommendations. We live in Vienna and go there with the teenagers for everyone's birthday. I know the original question was about lunch, but we usually go in the evening. Sometimes gets very crowded on weekend evenings. Huge selection plus lots of other good, fun choices.

                The sushi place in the Reston Town Center also has a good lunch buffet. I believe it's $13.95. Not a huge selection but the standards with one or two chef specials. Sometimes they are a little slow on replenishing.

                Matsutake used to be good, but the rice to sushi ratio is disappointing.

          2. Green Olive Buffet has sushi. Cheap, but nothing special. I wouldn't drive all the way from Annandale for it.