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Jun 7, 2009 09:57 PM

Milwaukee and Oshkosh trip need advice

My husband and I are making a trip to WI this week and would love to get some dining suggestions. We will have 3 days in Milwaukee and 4 in Oshkosh. We would love both bargain chow and a few more expensive options. We live out in Phoenix but are East coast transplants, we want to experience some local specialties. Tuesday and Wednesday will be in Milwaukee followed by Oshkosh until Sunday morning back to Milwaukee until Tuesday morning.



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  1. In Milwaukee, the local specialities are brats, fish fries, and custard. I can't help you with the first two, but I'm working on becoming a custard expert. (I need many more years, and trips, to reach my goal.) My favorites so far are Leon's (butter pecan!), Oscar's (chocolate!), and Omega. But I have much more research to do.

    For me, my top must-visit place is Three Brothers Serbian restaurant. I adore the burek (for which a 45-minute wait is required) and the goulash. Reservations are a must - the place is tiny, and is unlike any other restaurant you've ever been to.

    For incredibly cheap and delicious, I love Mekato's Colombian Bakery & Cafe. They have to-die-for pastries and very tasty casual meals. I love the arroz con pollo and the blood sausage with arepas.

    I also like a grazing lunch or dinner at the Milwaukee Public Market, with a glass of wine (or two or three) from the wine bar - you can carry it with you to the food stand of your choice.

    For more info on these places, see my report from last year's trip ( ) and the one from 2006 ( ).

    But my reqs are only scratching the surface - there's SO MUCH good food in Milwaukee! Try searching for "Milwaukee" or "MKE" on this board for some of the previous discussions. This thread is a good example:

    Alas, there's not much info on Oshkosh - this is the only thread I found:

    Have a great trip! Please eat something yummy for me.


    1. Thanks for some excellent suggestions! Definitely will hit the Public Market and Three Brothers. I am a bit concerned about the Oshkosh end of our trip but maybe I will but some picnic type foods and bring them with us. Of course there is always Culver's in a pinch but I am sure we can do much better.


      1. About where are you staying? Different areas will have different bargain eats.

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          In Milwaukee we are staying near the airport. I just got in and made reservations for tonight at Three Brother's.



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            Since you are by the airport I would try:
            Jalapeño Loco
            5067 S. Howell Ave.
            Cudahy, WI 53110
            (414) 483-8300
            A Mexican restaurant and bar featuring traditional cuisine and sophisticated regional menu items. All dishes are lard-free.

            Jalapeño Loco specializes in Oaxacan food, including Chiles en Nogadas, Mole Oaxaqueño, Amarillito Oaxaqueño and much more.

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              A very hearty second for Jalapeno Loco. It's excellent.

        2. I would highly suggest going to Water Buffalo (on the corner of Water and Buffalo) downtown milwaukee. It'll hit your "high end dinner" and a "budget friendly" option. You can sit out on the patio and eat right on the river (weather permitting). It's one of my favorite casual/nicer dining places.

          If you want the best thin crust pizza in Milwaukee, find a little place called Balistreri's -- but be careful, there are two locations, not far from eachother. The one you want to go to is on 68th and Wells. (just one block from 68th and Wisconsin). Try the french fried eggplant's to die for.

          A great steak place downtown (and a little pricier) would be Butch's Old Casino Steak House, which is on 5th and James Lovell Street. I like the atmosphere and the food always seems to please.

          Good luck....Milwaukee is full of wonderful places to dine and play.....the town always seems to amaze me.

          1. Martino's on Layton is near the airport. Excellent Chicago-style Italian Beef!!! Also brats, burgers, fries, etc. Inexpensive for what you get.