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Jun 7, 2009 09:35 PM

Good Hot Sauce???

Does anyone know where I could get some good hot sauce but that won't break the bank???

We are having a Mexican theme J&J and we want to give out hot sauce. Not Tabasco. We need about 30 bottles.

If anyone could recommend a brand that would be great! I'm not much of a hot sauce fan, but FI insists that it must be Habanero.

Thanks for any replies


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  1. If you didn't need Habanero sauce, I'd suggest Bufalo brand Chipoltle sauce. It's around $1.29 at the No Frills on Carlaw, and was recently on sale.

    1. I'd say you venture down to Perola in Kensington Market and pick up some El Yucateco. They have a variety of flavours including a red habanero, green habanero andcaribbean habanero(although you might need to make a special request to get 30 bottles). They retail for under 3 bucks for a 120 mL bottle.

      247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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      1. re: Rudiger

        El Yucateco. Made in the Yucatan.

        I watched an episode of Rick Bayless and he visited the factory. Pretty cool.


        1. re: Davwud

          3rd El Yucateco for a good (and cheap) habanero sauce. CAN/US made habanero sauces just can't hold a candle to what you can get for 1/2 the price of a number of the MEX ones.

          1. re: Davwud

            Hit Perola's last weekend and bought the red and green El Yucateco (along with Tapatio). Always loved the heat of habanero sauces, but found the flavour foul. These sauces have great heat and a great peppery flavour (green is a touch hotter has a nice lingering burn - per the head to head on cracker taste test).

            Make it a 9th for E.Y. These sauces would be a value at double the $3.99 price for an 8 oz bottle.

        2. Habanero peppers make for the hottest of hot sauces, which I suspect is why your friend recommended it, but Scotch Bonnets (from the West Indies) are only slightly less powerful in the heat ratings, and still offer quite a kick. Which is why I invariably go for Matouk's hot sauce - Matouk's makes a number of Scotch Bonnet-based hot sauces, but the original orange-colored formula is my favorite. I get the small 10-ounce (300 ML) bottle at any West Indian or Jamaican market in Kensington Market. Costs $2.99 ordinarily, but if you're buying 30, you should be able to extract a considerable discount.

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          1. re: juno

            I like this sauce but it is not appropriate for a Mexican theme.

            4th vote for El Yucateco, no question! They are a favourite sauce in my half Mexican household (although to be fair I'm not sure we've met a Mexican hot sauce we don't like). They have 3 habanero sauces. The green one is spicier than the red one. They are both good. I haven't tried the xxxtra hot one because I don't care for sauces like that.

            For party favours Cholula might be neat because it has kind of a cool bottle with a wooden lid, however it's made with arbol and piquin chilies).

            1. re: basileater

              I love Cholula too, however it has gotten so expensive since it was "discovered":(

              1. re: basileater

                I 5th El Yucateco.

                It changed my life.

                my first one was the kutbil-il (ancient Mayan recepie). its the xxxhot one that Juno refers to, but I think its amazing... I am not a fan of pure heat, I like flavour in my hot sauces. This one although it is very spicy, it has a prominent flavour to it.

            2. Yes? Hi! We do lots of the hot sauce and the best one is the Pure Death from the Blairs. But if you are doing the mexicans then make sure to have the El Yucateco. It is the goodness for the mexican like you cant believe. But the favourite is still the Pure Death even for the Mexican.

              1. Try this place, Taste The 4th Sense. They have two locations, one on the Danforth and one in St Jacobs. A very impressive range of hot sauces and infused oils as well.


                375 Danforth Avenue
                Toronto, Ontario
                M4K 1P1
                Riverworks Emporium
                1440 King Street
                St. Jacobs, Ontario
                N0B 2N0