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Jun 7, 2009 08:19 PM

Barcelona / 10th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I are going to Barcelona for one week this coming August to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some suggestions for dining for the actual night of the anniversary.

We want something seaside with a great view, a great reputation for seafood, and great service. Also, we definitely want something upscale just not too trendy. If it isn't exactly seaside that is okay too:/ Any ideas, thoughts? Thank you in advance

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  1. Barceloneta is the area that borders on the sea in Barcelona. I don't think there are restaurants there that fit what you are looking for. Most restaurants in Barcelona have plenty of seafood on their menu, therefore, one does not have to look for a seafood specific place. Search this board as there are tons of posts on Barcelona.

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      I actually had looked through past-postings , but didn't see anything that made me go 'yes, I know that will work'. I know that Barcelona would have a lot of great seafood places, being that it is close to the sea, but having just gone to Lisbon and really being unhappy with most of the seafood I ate I want to be sure it is truly a restaurant's speciality.

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        One would think Barcelona, being on coast and with a reputation for great food, would have numerous excellent seafood restaurants. I have not found that to be the case. The irony is that Madrid, being in the interior, has some of the best marisquerias in Spain. The only one that can compare is Rais de Galicia, Don't expect complicated preparations but the quality of the seafood is topnotch which reflects in the price. The restaurant is comfortable with good service though the decor will not win any awards. I have not been to Lisbon to compare but I've had many excellent seafood preparations in non-seafood specific restaurants in Barcelona. If you want the best, train to Hispania or Can Fabes, both just outside of Barcelona to celebrate.

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          Agreed about Barcelona being inferior to Madrid (and of course Galicia) for seafood restaurants.

          Have you ever heard of / been to a Galician marisqueria in Barcelona called Casa Castro? It's near Llucmajor metro (Calle Isard 5) on the L4 line up near the hills and was recommended to me by a local guy who I got chatting to at the Bar Pinotxo counter.

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            I have not been to Casa Castro. I'll have to check with my Barcelona friends. You are right that c/Isard is way up in the hills.

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              My wife (a native Madrilena) explains that best seafood from the coast is often immediately whisked off in refrigerated trucks to Madrid, where it can fetch a higher price. Thus, the seafood in Madrid can be amazingly fresh and good, considering its inland location.

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              Thanks! let me put it this way..where would you go for something like my 10th anniversary celebration. You seem to really know the area quite well and are obviously a person with fantastic taste(pun intended).

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                I posted some of my favorites on a recent post.
                If you are in Barcelona during August, I would check the dates of restaurants' annual closing. If I have the time and budget, I would celebrate by having a leisurely lunch at El Raco de Can Fabes in a small town of Sant Celoni, about 40 minutes train ride outside of Barcelona. For more down to earth, simpler food using the best ingredients, train to Hispania. Both are opened in August.

        2. You might want to consider Torre d'Alta Mar -

          I've actually never been and haven't read/heard many reports so not sure about the food quality but definitely a menu with lots of fish/seafood options, definitely great views and definitely upscale.

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              It's been a few years but we found Julius in Barceloneta to be very good with seafood...the prices were quite reasonable and the service was fine...modern style decor if somewhat austere but nicely composed. Service was fine.