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Jun 7, 2009 08:07 PM

Snow bird returns from Tucson

We spent Dec through May in Tucson this year and as usual we ate out a couple time a week usually for Lunch as that is the most economical meal. Heading our list of places we liked was Teresas Moasic on silver bell east of Grant. Everthing was very good and we had good to average service every time. Beyond Bread was as good as always with terrific sandwitches , soups and salads & I love the Expresso brownies. We ate at Poca Cosa 3 times and enjoyed the food but the decor in the new place isn't as festive as the old place and we seem to not enjoy it as much IMHO. Also the Big Fat Greek restaurant on Broadway & Kolb was very good aa we really enjoyed the Gryo Lunch with Salad. We ate at some other places but they were very forgettable..

We did happen to get to Tubac area and enjoyed The OLD Tubac Inn for their Hamburgers & Chips the other items on the menu were lacking. We also Dropped in at Wisdom's in Tummacacori , 3 miles south, and both enjoyed very much the Vegetarian Burros & the Turkey burros. It seems that Wisdom's has improved and I would reccomend them as long as you stay with the burros, also tuesdays are 2 for 1 margueritas .
We are value chowhounds this year and did not eat at the more High end places Like Janos/J-bar, Ventana room or Az. Inn which have all been excellent in the past . Enjoy and have fun all

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  1. Thanks for the report. I agree with you about Poca Cosa - it's a good thing the food is still the same. Did you notice how empty most of the restaurants were? Not a single one we went to was full - not even Zinburger nor Cup Cafe.

    BTW: next year, try Maynard's and Jax Kitchen. They're both new and fresh, and I hope they make it in this economy.

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      Thanks for the rec on Maynard's & Jax Kitchen and we'll have to try Zinburger. I agree I hope they all make it in this economy. I was watching Kgun one nite and they stated Snow bird traffic was down 25% this winter so I wasn't supprised that waits were never a problem.
      Love Tucson and we always enjoy Cup Cafe, a great place to hang out, but we didn't get there this last winter.

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        I noticed some nice photos of the food at Teresa's on Road Food:

    2. I'm confused Silverbell Rd runs north and south and is west of I-10. Grant Rd runs east and west. Huh?

      Poca Cosa is in a class by itself in Tucson. Maynards is the new darling of those interested in downtown. Small menu, interesting location in the old railroad station, good "deli" next door. Hacienda del Sol is the best for brunch either indoors or on the terrace. Janos/J-Bar is much overrated IMHO. Ventana is just hotel food, and I don't mean that as a complement. Little Abner's a a slice of Tucson. Cushings is a good lunch stop downtown.