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Jun 7, 2009 07:41 PM

Rockville Italian delis?

I''m looking for a good italian deli, mostly for cheeses, cured meats, and fresh bread if possible, near Congressional Plaza. I read about Vignola, though I can't find an exact address for it. Is it still around/good? Anyone have an address? Angelo's looks good but a little farther than I want and I don't really want to go to Silver Spring or anything, unless there really isn't anything suitable near me. So please give me any suggestions, thanks.

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  1. I use to frequent Vignola a lot when it was located on N. Washington St. before they demolished all those buildings in that small shopping center to make way for the new Rockville Town Center. They eventually moved to Frederick, but was sold recently. Don't know of any Italian delis in Rockville; the closest I can think of is Marchone's in Wheaton.

    1. Try Cornucopia in Bethesda.

      1. Vignola's is sadly long gone. When the N. Washington location was demolished they moved to Rockville Pike, but that location was short lived as well, and the Frederick location was much smaller. There is a place on Darnestown Road and I think Quince Orchard (near Fudruckers) call the Italian Market. It is just okay, but, better than nothing.

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          The place on Darnestown uses Boars Head meat and cheese, although they do make their own mozzarella. Decent enough in a pinch, and the hard rolls are good. I think it's called the Italian Market?

        2. not in Rockville but close are Corucopia in Bethesda and Marchones in Wheaton but although it is not an italian deli, Balducci's in Bethesda is also a good choice for your needs

          1. Thanks! That's too bad about Vignola, it's so close to my work. I'll try out your suggestions.