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Jun 7, 2009 07:31 PM

A Request For Budapest

Need a restaurant in Budapest to take my friend, her parents and possibly, her kids. We are visiting July 2 to 7 and want to take our hosts out to at least one dinner. Hopefully not too expensive and, once again, possibly child-friendly. I don't know if her parents are adventurous eaters so, maybe, Hungarian food??

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  1. As a rule, Hungarians tend not to eat Hungarian food out. All else depends on locale within Budapest and budget. If 25 Euros or so per person is within your budget I'd strongly encourage a Sunday brunch at one of the major hotel buffets. The Kempinski, Corinthia, or Meridien (not all serve in the summer so you'll have to check) do very impressive spreads. I'd tend to opt for the Corinthia for Hungarian guests, though the Gellert has a great view if they're serving their buffet on the balcony (food's not as good, but the view makes up for it). These tend to include a good mix of Hungarian and other foods, prepared very well, at a level of opulence and plenty that is suitably impressive as a thank you.

    A smaller place known for its fish soup is the Alfoldi on Kecskemet utca; well respected by Hungarians and very low key. On the Buda side, Remiz or Nancsi Neni (good with kids) or Busulo Juhasz, all hungarian places with pleasant surroundings. For serious eaters, in Buda, at about 25 Euros/person or a bit more for dinner, Csalogany 26.

    Check out and (the eating section of the latter, the Top 33 of the former).