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Jun 7, 2009 07:06 PM

Seeded Sourdough from Nightingale in Forestville

Still haven't made it over to this newish bread baker in Russian River Valley yet, but this weekend I had a chance to try the seeded sourdough at a friend's house. Crusted with sunflower and poppy seeds, light crumb, moderate sourness, and baked in wood-burning oven . . . nice, new addition to Sonoma County's bread baking pantheon. Plus, it's available sliced as a sandwich loaf. I've been advised to check for hours as it's not open every day.

Nightingale Breads
6665 Front St, Forestville, CA

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  1. Thursday I took the "scenic" route through Forestville to make my way to Willie Bird to pick up the turkey. Finally, a chance to check out the bakery for myself. Yes, it has a new, custom-built wood-fired oven. The rosemary focaccia, $3.50, was lovely with a thinnish and crispy well browned crust yielding to tender and airy crumb. It was wrapped in brown paper for me to carry out, and the olive oil had stained much of the paper by the time I got it to the car. I consider that a good thing! The crusty and free-form rustic French loaves looked great, but I restrained myself from buying them this time.

    The bakery is open Wednesday through Saturday. It will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but open the other days per the usual schedule this week.

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      On December 16 Nightingale will be selling pannetone in addition to the loaves they currently sell - Forestville French, sourdough, seeded sourdough, wheat, rosemary foccacia ,multigrain, epi (Sat) and nouveau rye (wed)

      They were also selling a pear cranberry loaf that was along the lines of pumpking bread.

      Do NOT resist those French loaves .. Forestville French. I nominate them as the best French bread in the Bay Area.

      I bought a mini baguette for $2. The crust is wonderfully chewy, the center soft but dense. There's an excellent flavor from being baked in a wood-burning oven.

      I also bought the sourdough which also had a nice chewy crust. It didn't have enough sour for me, but despite that, is still a very good bread ... but the Frenchis amazing.

      Closed Sun-Tue
      Wed-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

      Nightingale Breads
      6665 Front St, Forestville, CA

      1. re: rworange

        Thanks for the report on the french bread here.

        It's always fun to hear comparisons. Recently I had some friends from the East Bay up to visit and Della Fattoria's epines were served with dinner. One said, "Dare I say it? I think these are better than Acme's." DF's is definitely crustier. Then another evening a guest brought some pain levain from the Acme's Berkeley store, and the Sonoma County crowd couldn't praise it enough vs. our local bakers. I'll have to say that it was a particularly exceptional loaf with a shattering, crisp crust.