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Jun 7, 2009 06:34 PM


We are planning a quick visit to NYC and want really good aged steak. We have been to The Prime, LeCarne Grill and Le Maris two years ago. I would like an update on the best place for a great steak. Any new places? We heard LeCarne isn't as good as when it just opened. WE like French Bistro food.

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  1. IMHO I still think PG has the best kosher steak in NYC - for Franch Bistro style you can not beat Le Marais -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Yes-Le Maris is consistently good every time and prices are reasonable.

    2. Le Marais has delicious steak- and the fries are great too. Better to sit upstairs, it's quieter and more comfortable. One of my favorite restaurants in NY, and my husband takes clients there often.

      I went to Le Carne once and I wasn't impressed. The steaks were all over or underdone and they waiter claimed it was our fault.

      1. As a side note, Mike's Bistro makes one of (if not quite) the best steaks in the city. However, it only does steak one way, so if you're looking for steak, it's not the place I'd go. But if you end up there at some point and want to try the steak, bete avon, you'll enjoy it.

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          I think we may actually take your advice and check out Mike's Bistro this visit, we know about it but have never been. How are the other items on the menu? The Gnocchi in duck & chicken confit looks tasty. Has anyone tried the tasting menu?

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            Between my husband and I, we've had almost everything on the menu. The gnocchi is one of the best dishes on the menu.

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              The gnocchi at Mike's is amazing. He does a wonderful roasted beet salad - I always hated beets until I ate it there. And his short ribs are meltingly delicious. There's also a soup...whichever one is starred on the menu.

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                The soup (last time I was there) was a wild mushroom consomme with acini di pepe. It was served steaming hot in a deep soup bowl. My brother in law had it and loved it.

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                The tasting menu was, simply, the best meal I ever had. They ask you in the beginning if there's anything in particular you don't like or really want - we asked for no beets, and for the gnocchi, and they accommodated us on both. The whole meal was really quite amazing. We ordered a bottle of wine instead of doing a wine tasting with it.

                If you want to go to Brooklyn, El Gaucho in Boro Park was also great. I enjoyed it more than Abigails, but less than Prime Grill (though those both were also great!)

                1. re: mcfish

                  We found Abigails did have a wide variety of meat-but both beef items we ordered were extremely salty.

                  1. re: mcfish

                    This might be a really silly question but is the tasting menu cost per person? ($89 pp?) I'd assume so but wanted to double check - I've never been to Mike's before nor have I ever done anything with a tasting menu so apologies for the question if the answer is obvious.

                    1. re: tamarw

                      yea, its 89 pp

                      and no apologies necessary, ask away

              3. I believe the best and most interesting varieties of steak are made by Abigael's

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                  My favorite steak in the city is the rib eye teriyaki at Abigaels.

                2. prime grill & le marais are the best in nyc