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Jun 7, 2009 06:19 PM

August Crabs BWI area?

I will be visiting Washington, DC in August and would like to have some Maryland blue crabs. Is this a good time of the year for them? I am from Louisiana and love seafood so I would like to try some seafood while we are in the area. I have seen on some old posts that there are a few seafood places near BWI Airport but I wasn't sure if these places are still open. The one that I was thinking of going to was Seaside Restaurant near the airport. There will be 3 adults and 5 children traveling so we need a kid friendly restaurant. Any other suggestions? When we eat crawfish, we put newspaper on the tables and pile the hot crawfish right on the table. I would love to go to a crab place sells crab like that. Also, about how much are the crabs going for this year? Thanks for any info!

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  1. Closest to the airport would be Gunnings ,just off Rte 295 (Balt/Wah Pkwy). They will do the paper on the table with crabs that you are looking for. August is a good time for blue crabs. Figure on spending around $60 per dozen of crabs. They are sold by the dozen and the size will dictate the price. The other seafood on the menu is good, though not spectacular. Do try the fried green pepper rings for the experience.

    1. 2 places near the airport are Gunnings crab house as well as Kaufmans Tavern. Both have hard shell maryland style crabs as well as the other stuff such as crab cakes, soft shell crabs, crab soup, fried clams, sometimes steamed clams, oysters, etc. Don't dress up....shorts and a t-shirt are the style de cuisine.

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        Doc, where is Kaufmans Tavern? I haven't heard of that one.

        As the original poster implied, Seaside in Glen Burnie is close as well. I've never had steamed crabs there, but I've had other things (at work lunches). It's pretty much an old-fashioned Baltimore-area seafood joint.

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          The Seaside (which is like 10 minutes from the Airport) hands down over Gunnings. Great crabs.

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              Wow. I won't ask if it's good, since you're the authority on crabs here as far as I'm concerned. How are their prices? That's a lot closer to my place than going out to Mr. Bill's or Costa's.

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                The prices are more towards Costas prices which I find to be a little more then Mr. Bills. The crabs are really good and the place is popular so there is usually a wait on the weekends. Thankfully theres a bar to wait in complete with local color. You and Courtney should check it out!

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            Kaufmann's Restaurant
            based on 3 reviews
            Categories: Restaurants, Seafood Markets [Edit]

            329 Gambrills Rd
            Gambrills, MD 21054

            (410) 923-2005

          2. re: dining with doc

            I'll put my vote in for Gunnings too. They are an old Baltimore crab place, they used to
            be in a different spot (Brooklyn), closer to Baltimore. Their old place had more charm, but they haven't changed the basics. Menu is still the same and they are VERY family-friendly.
            Definitely a place with paper on the table, wooden mallets, etc. If you have room after,
            check out their eclairs - they're as big as your head (well, maybe not quite..)

          3. Thanks to everyone for their input. I look forward to my Baltimore dining experience!