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Jun 7, 2009 06:09 PM

Trout now "since 1963"

the former location of Gravy & Trout @ Smith & Pacific has reopened as "since 1963" (as far as I can tell based on the sign & take-out menu). They are selling BBQ by the lb., sandwiches, and standard BBQ sides. The menu says all meat is hickory-smoked. Haven't tried it yet, but plan to buy a couple of lbs. of meat next weekend for son's bday party.

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  1. I want it to be good. You gotta admire the tenacity of the owners of that tangle of restaurants--they've chopped and changed a bunch of times. Trout was no great shakes (super flaky service), but I admit really liking the mac n cheese with bacon and jalapenos.

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      and I always loved the biscuits & gravy for brunch when it was still Gravy . . .

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        Unfortunately, two of the partners in Trout and Gravy were pushed out of the business over the winter, when the profit falls considerably because the bar business is so reliant on the outside area. They were great guys, and it was really sad to see them go, especially after how much effort I know they had put into the places. I will have a hard time going to this most recent incarnation because of this. I don't mean to imply that anyone currently there is evil, or has behaved poorly in any way, I just miss those other guys.

      2. It's market style, like Hill Country. I had a really good pulled pork sandwich there, which consisted of two "mini" sandwiches. The buns were a tad stale, but the mass of meat and the pairing with pineapple salsa made up for it. This place opened totally without pre-hype so it was disturbingly empty. The entertainment was the radio tuned to CBS FM and there were, like, 5 TV screens behind the now defunct bar playing a Harry Potter flick. I would use the TVs to play old Betty Page loops, or even an old Burt Reynolds flick. They should employ an iPod to play some good old blues or bluegrass, turn it up and get the people in there. I really want this place to succeed and can't wait to go back for the brisket. And where else are you going to find Lone Star for $3?!

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          Not to pick on you SteakNut but this has recently been irritating me. Lone Star is both A) crappy and B) cheap. I can't understand why Lone Star has had this sudden surge of popularity. I nearly 'lost it' when I saw Lone Star at Momofuku Milk Bar for some absurd price (something like $7). It's a very cheap beer, on par with Busch Lite or Keystone. Sorry for the rant, it's been bothering me how New Yorkers are falling head over heels for Lone Star. Now if they could bring some Shiner Bock out here, I'd be first in line to buy as much as possible.

          But, to help you out and answer your question, I know a place to get cheap Lone Star. The Levee, a Texas bar in Williamsburgh right across from Radegast, has Lone Star and it's cheap. Not sure how much the beer is by itself but I know they have a daily special that gets you a Lone Star and a shot of tequilla for $5. Under those circumstances, I'll enjoy my Lone Star.

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            Word. Shiner Bock rocks! Lone Star is cheap, but it's not the horsepiss that Pearl is, which is also from TX.

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              Pearl trumps Lone Star because it's got rebus puzzles on the inside of the bottle caps. And if you ask nicely, you can get Shiner Bock at both Rodeo and RUB in Manhattan.

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                I've never asked nicely at RUB and still gotten my Shiner.

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                  And, while we're on RUB, I do believe that CH's own Backyard Chef is now there. May be time to re-visit.

        2. Has the outdoor/bar section of Trout (entrance on Pacific) changed as well? Or is this just the interior space (entrance on Smith)?

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            No just the interior space on Smith St.

          2. Follow up to my own post: husband, son & I went Wed. evening to test it out before committing to it for the party. We ordered one pulled pork & one brisket sandwich, plus fried mac & cheese, collards, & beans. Normally the brisket comes with sauerkraut, but I substituted with cole slaw. The pork comes w/ pineapple salsa. All dishes were sized generously. The brisket was better than the pork. I didn't pay attention when ordering the mac & cheese for my son that it was fried, so it came as 3 balls. My son had eaten almost all of it, when I had a taste & the oil that it was fried in was rancid! He had eaten too much to send it back, though. He's 4, what does he know? The cheese inside was flavorless, so it was particularly bad because the only flavor was the oil. The collards were tender & flavorful, but too salty. Everything else was very good. The meat was tender, the bread was good. I didn't see any TVs when we were there & the music was good - they must have read the suggestion about the ipod.

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              follow-up to my follow-up: when we were there for dinner, we asked the "hostess" (that's in quotes bc I don't know what this woman's job was, other than ask i na friendly way if we liked our food. its counter service & seat-yourself. she was walking in & out) whether we could come by fri. night to pick up the BBQ for a Sat. afternoon party since they don't open until evening & she said definitely. When DH went fri. night he learned that they don't just keep that amount of meat (5 lbs. assorted) around. But, they were very gracious & called over to Whiskey Sunday, where they smoke the meat & arranged a special order for us that we could pick up an hr before the party on Sat. So, although the staff on Smith St. is kind of spacey, they were also very helpful. We ordered pulled pork, pulled chicken, and slices of brisket. Again, all was tender & delicious and our guests were thrilled.

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                I was groaning--I totally expected you to say that they didn't know what you were talking about when you went to pick up on Sat. Good. Glad it worked out. And glad for the good reports. Just walked by this morning and looked over the menu---a variety of meats and styles ranging from $12--$16/lb. Or was that $14-$16? Whatever. I'll try real soon.
                BTW---were there any available sauces, either on the side or for sale?

                1. re: JonL

                  yes, a sweet sauce is available on the side. I liked it. DH thought it was too sweet and brought a bottle of Stubbs to the bday picnic to offer a choice.

                  1. re: seb

                    Not impressed with "Since 1963" at all. The ribs and potato salad were totally mediocre at lunch today, and not cheap. I honestly might have done better at Dallas BBQ on Livingston Street nearby, and that's saying a lot!

                    Dallas BBQ
                    180 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201