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Jun 7, 2009 05:51 PM

"SF Foodie Royalty Reveals Junk Food Favorites"

a friend just forwarded this to me...

CH's own Lessley Anderson is among the "royals" who revealed their guilty pleasures for this first installment of what will apparently be an ongoing feature on

some of the comments at the bottom of the page are entertaining, particularly the ones about Alice Waters. i also thought it was interesting that many of the respondents equate "junk food" with "guilty pleasure," a phenomenon we've discussed in various threads here on CH.

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  1. <<Mark Sullivan (Spruce, executive chef): "Jamon Iberico. I would choose this over foie gras and caviar any day; home made apricot pie (nothing beats a homemade pie prepared from sun ripened tree fruits. Nnoll farms apricots are worth their weight in gold!); and a perfectly prepared Dark and Stormy on a warm summer day.">>

    Oh come on. None of this is Junk Food!!! Nor particularly "guilty pleasure," unless you equate the luxury price tag on Iberico with guilty pleasure.

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    1. re: Joan Kureczka

      I can understand if somebody doesn't generally eat or like "junk food", but Jamon Iberico? A pretty pretentious answer. Methinks Ms. Water's PR people didn't want her to reveal that she like McDonald's chicken nuggets lest she be scorned by her followers.

      1. re: Blueicus

        I was thinking the same thing lol. "What's your favorite comfort food?" " the 30 course tasting menu at the french laundry"

    2. Chow editor's entry is funny: ..."I have been known to eat weird shit that's the only thing available in those moments -- ie: raisins, soymilk, and Brazil nuts mixed together with honey in a dirty coffee mug that I don't even bother to wash out, four-day old pancakes saved in a plastic baggy." This is the price of not stocking actual snacks.