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Jun 7, 2009 05:20 PM

Pizza or pub grub in Indianapolis

I'm looking for a down-to-earth place to get some grub and a few beers with a visiting friend. Good pizza would be best. I've had Jackamo's and Bazbeaux's, and wasn't a fan of either. Too short of a rise I think, not enough chew or flavor. Any other suggestions? If those are the best in this area, then does anyone have any suggestions on pub grub?

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  1. Indianapolis is indeed a dismal pizza town. Have you tried Iaria's? Their pasta is boring but I think their pizza is the best in town. Just one size, great crust, they make their own sausage daily. Be sure to get it with provolone, it's much better than their mozzarella pies.

    As for pub fare, I've become a fan of McNiven's on Mass Ave: Really good scotch eggs and onion rings, big beer selection, a great ahi tuna appetizer. Ralph's Great Divide is also a good bet: good burgers and soups, also a good tuna steak.

    1. McNiven's and Chatam Tap on Mass Ave. Workingman's Friend for Cheeseburgers, onion rings & BIG BEERS. Pizza is not great in this town. I would say any pizza is better than Bazbeaux's.........but that isn't saying much. Check out the Brass Ring in Fountain Square, one of the hidden gems in this city. You may also want to check out Red Key Tavern and Broad Ripple Brewpub.

      1. I used to tell everyone to try Dom di Carlo's in Noblesville - they had a marvelous crisp crust and a spicy sausage I loved - but the last few times we've tried them it's been dismal. We've been going to Some Guy's Pizza and it's pretty good... IMHO of course.

        Pub Grub - I'd go to the Broad Ripple Brewpub. Good food and good beer.

        Really low-key but a haul for you (you're north-west I think), would be Barley Island in Noblesville. They have their own beers and 'guest beers' - last week as guests, they had Three Floyd's Gumballhead and Pride and Joy on tap. The food is basic pub/bar food and pretty good.