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Jun 7, 2009 05:16 PM

If you knew you were having your last meal where/what would you eat?

This is another of Hunt's suggestions and since he has not posted it, I will. Hopefully it will spark up some conversation.

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  1. I'd choose Galatoire's, and not because the food is the best I've ever had (although I've loved eating there over the years) but because the right meal on the right day with the right friends adds up to an experience that's greater than the sum of its parts. I've had wonderful, wonderful times at Galatoire's.

    For my LAST meal (admittedly more food than any six people could consume) I'd start with a couple of Sazeracs. Then onto Soufflé Potatoes and Fried Eggplant with Bernaise, the Grand Gouté (Shrimp Rémoulade, Crabmeat Maison, Crawfish Maison and Oysters en Brochette), Oysters Rockefeller, Seafood Gumbo (one of my favorites in the city), Softshell Crab Meunière OR pompano garnished with sautéed crabmeat, a tomato and onion salad, and plenty of hot French Bread.

    I've always thought desserts were Galatoire's weak link, but I'd order bread pudding anyway, and end with Café Brûlot.

    And if that meal didn't send me into cardiac arrest, you could blindfold and shoot me, and I'd die happy.

    1. I've always liked the answer to the question (phrased as "you have one hour before The Bomb hits..what do you do?) where the guy says "I'd go to Popeye's, buy $100 worth of fried chicken, and eat just the skin....."

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        Pardon the interruption but please keep your replies limited to New Orleans restaurants, so that we can keep this board focused on local chow. If you want to expand the geographic scope of the replies, you are welcome to start a thread on the General Topics board.


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          Umm, excuse me, but Popeye's IS a New Orleans restaurant. Yes, yes, I know that it is a nationwide chain nowadays; but trust me, the out of town sites are not the same! I know exactly what hazelhurst means - there's something about Al's original recipe that simply does not travel outside the parish limits. It is sinfully delicious and deadly to my cholesterol-clogged arteries, but for a last gasp totally worth it!

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            Hi - we were referring to a post that was removed that discussed New York restaurants, not your Popyeye's mention.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I believe I would do a bit of a "progressive meal" and eat myself silly! I would start with the turtle soup at Commander's, as well as a Sazerac and would take my sweet time eating my soup and drinking in the garden room. I would probably proceed to Casamento's where I would polish off 1/2 a dozen oysters and wash them down with a cold Abita Amber. I am certain I would be feeling a bit stuffed, but my oddessy would not end. I would go to the Big Fisherman, pick up a sack of crawfish and head out to the Fly to watch the river and enjoy my last day. Perhaps a nap would be in order so that I could proceed to my next course. I would probably then head on to Brigstens to order the duck and a bottle of 82 Latour and would relish every last bite. Of course I would make friends by sharing my bottle with other diners. Stella would be my next stop, where I would gorge myself on the Chef's Menu and beg for a Stilton encrusted filet. Of course I would request that the sommelier provide a wine for each course. I would have to fit in a fried oyster po boy from Parkway for my first dessert course and would probably head to Brocato's for a lemon ice and a cannoli. My final course would be to sit downstairs at Galatoires, enjoy a few more Sazerac's and good company, and to be thrilled that while I would no longer be a size 8 after the end of the feast, it didnt matter a bit. What a way to go!