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Jun 7, 2009 05:04 PM

Di Manno Ristorante, Thornhill - Food worth the skyhigh pricing?!

Whilst trying out Fulton's burger in Thornhill this evening ( Burger good, better than Heroes, but nothing spectacular ), I noticed a brand new Italian restaurant directly across the street from it. Out of curiosity I went in to take a look at the menu. I was stunned to see appertizers in the $18+ range whilst entrees were way up in the $40+ range. The lambchops were priced at $48! Thats, Canoe, N44, Splendido pricing!! Have any fellow chowhounders happened to have given it a try? Does the food worth the price?

Di Manno Ristorante,
11 Disera Drive #100,
Thornhill, Ontario

Executive chef - Vincenzo Delfo. Heard of him?

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  1. Nope, never heard of him. Google yields nothing, either. Those prices do seem exorbitant, that's for sure!

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      The sad part is that in Thornhill, they might just get away with those prices.

    2. Hi,
      Tried out Di Manno's on Saturday night for a family birthday dinner. Food and service were great. Portions are hearty - so definitely worth the price. We ordered the Calamari appetizer - light and crispy with no oily residue - accompanied by a lovely spicy aioli. My brother and father shared the Fiorentina which was the special that night - it's a 28oz Porterhouse steak done on the grill. It was cooked perfectly. Mom had the Orada - lovely light white fish and I had the gnocchi - they were cooked properly and the sauce did not overpower. Desserts are to die for. We will be going back!

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        1. I've been meaning to try, it's really busy at night when I pass by between 10pm-midnight on the weekends with Ferraris and Lambos parked at the front, but with those prices, I'll pass until I get more good reviews.

          1. In my opinion this restaurant has ruined the neighbourhood and the great local eatery's around it. Prices are way to high for this area and I am not impressed with the expensive cars that park outside the establishment and are there to impress you.

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                Agree! By the way, do they own the part of the street they block for their valet parking?