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Jun 7, 2009 04:56 PM

Logan, UT breakfast recs?

I'm spending a few days in Logan, UT for work. Any recommendations, particularly for a breakfast place?

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  1. I spent a few days in Logan last summer when I attended a conference there. Two mornings I stopped in a hip local coffee shop and had quite delicious coffee drinks... and maybe a muffin too. An internet search is telling me that the place was called Caffe Ibis (

    I seem to remember they had a breakfast menu with eggs and such too but can't promise that. The place is organic and etc. and had a nice morning vibe.

    1. the cafe is straw ibis just east of main street and just north of first north. kind of internet/coffee vibe. there's also a great harvest breads place on center street just west of main street. while you're there, be sure to check out the Bluebird Cafe. It's almost a hundred years old with a classic soda fountain. For excellent italian, Le Nonne is wonderful. And if the weather is good, their patio is terrific. if you like ice cream, be sure to go to the quad on the campus of USU and get a cone. Go Aggies! Decent Indian on main street between first and second north. Ok thai adjacent to the Baugh motel. If the weather is good, check out the mexican place at the railroad station (cafe sabor) which is at the west end of center street. food is just ok, but the patio can be very pleasant for a margarita and chips. if you like beer bars, try the white owl on center street just west of main, next to the lyric theatre. the lyric has a great summer repertory group, not sure when the season begins but the productions are always first rate.

      1. Did Le Nonne for dinner, which was good, as always.

        I'll check out Straw Ibis in the morning...